Masters of Money

People are fed up with the Bankers, IRS, and Federal Reserve System; I was once in this same boat. I have come around and with my feet firmly on the ground, now understand and support them. Money is not evil; the one using money creates heaven or hell. Money influences, gathers and prevents but it is nothing but a representation of the value you gave to another. It is about where your heart lies and whom you serve. This has worked for many. I come in peace to provide answers.

Knowing the truth and not acting on it makes you not only ignorant but useless to your creator and life in general.

The terms and conditions of the Birth Certificate are these:

1. The Birth Certificate is a Bond representing MONEY created for you when you were born into the world …your share of all of the earths ‘resources” and material goods to create your livelihood, and provide food and shelter and all other necessities to your well-being and your children’s well-being, happiness, freedom and prosperity.

2. Your Bond is held in a Trust Bank Account until you are of age to be responsible for yourself.

3. Your appointed, elected Public Servants are hired by YOU to administer your money to you as you live and create in your community.

4. Your money held in Trust by your Public Servants belongs “exclusively” to you and must not be “unlawfully” accessed or administered to anyone else without your “authorization” which is your “signature” on any negotiable instrument you choose to use.

5. You have been allowing your hired “public servants” ….banking staff, judicial staff, Real Estate staff, Lawyers, Social Services staff, Utility Staff, Health&Safety staff, Transportation staff, Drug and Food Administration Staff, Gas and Oil staff, Police and Military staff and Medical staff to steal, withhold, and kill you and your children for “self” and ill-gotten gain for others under the misconception that only a few are allowed their natural born inheritance and to create and live in the world. Ignorance to the fact that “we are all Gods creation and creators and no man must put Gods creations asunder. ( ASUNDER……1. Into separate parts or pieces: broken asunder.)

Apart from each other either in position or in direction: The curtains had been drawn asunder.

6, Each man, woman and child must be “informed” of their own wealth and prosperity, and indwelling knowledge provided to everyone when they are born into the world to develop and cultivate.

7. The only requirement of anyone to access their natural born wealth, health, freedom and prosperity is that you never look to others for knowledge of how you should use your inheritance and to never do “harm” to yourself or others nor do you sit by and allow others to use Gods creations as a means of exchanging with each other for self gain self-preservation while others are being harmed.

8. You were not given “rights” in the world instead you were given “the power to set all things right as guided by your heart.

9. Ask and you shall receive means…ask God for guidance and “invite” your higher self to speak and act through you in all “disturbing” circumstances.

10. No problems, adversity, or sickness are of God but instead created by defiant ignorant fellowman therefore request the authority, knowledge and appropriate action for you to take and make a commitment to “Accept your part in Gods “plan” for yourself and others” for it is your “only function here.” Saying….Thy will be done…NOT MINE!

Son of God you were born to …..create using only the knowledge within YOU!