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Thread: Everything in commerce is fictional…

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post

    This is what he says regarding ID:

    So now we also know that a passport is NOT used to identify you or anyone else, but rather, to show anyone that asks for your “papers” when traveling to other ‘jurisdictions’. The surname tells someone what family you came from (to indicate your inheritance) and the given name is the name you are known by or known as. Lawrence of Arabia was known as Lawrence from the region of Arabia and I am also known as “Douglas of Avalon” but these names to NOT identify the man, they identify what he is known as and where he is from, neither of which identify WHO he is. ONLY entities may be identified which means that if you obtain an “ID”, you are claiming your-self to be a non-living entity. That’s not good of course unless you are dead.

    Have you ever wondered what is in a name? For instance Jesus of Nazareth. Why that name? I mean c'mon he was born in Bethlehem, but his Father/Mother were of Nazareth. Hint... I am going to write concerning the outworks in the King/Queen, but one can relate this in a common way or in the Elect teaching - as in Netzar or The BRANCH - the Branch relates to a Way in Being. For He said I am the Vine and ye the Branches.

    Isa 11:1 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch [Netzar] shall grow out of his roots:

    Netzar is made up of three Hebrew letters - Nun-Tsade-Resh. Nun is a humble righteous one. Tsade relates again to Righteousness or being Set Apart [qodesh]. Resh is the head or Chief or the Beginning. Is this not the Aleph-Tav? In Nun however we see a Nun-Vav-Final Nun. And here is the righteous being perfected into an upright friend of God - Reuel [commonly known as Jethro which is a title - His Excellency]. Thusly in a name is a renown a character and a way of life. Thusly I trust in the name of Jesus Christ is to not have regard to the man but to the Way of Life. For we are commanded to not regard Christ after the flesh.

    2Co 5:16 Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.

    For was not Yehoshuah [Jesus] alive in Spirit and did not Spirit [Christ] condescend into Matter? Christ JESUS? See now the living submitting to the realm of death - matter? Is this not a crucifixion?

    Heb 2:14 Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;

    Heb 2:15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

    We see here that Yehoshuah submitted to those who were given to rule - which is the left hand path. Is not this the Sword of the Lord? For there are not two powers but one.

    But I digress...

    How can the living claim to be dead? Rather, that the living may undertake in office of a dead man's estate according to the Will and Testament. For the Testament is of no force whilst the Testator is still alive. A passport is about liability - in my opinion. See the Book of Ezra and the papers of which King Cyrus gave Ezra so that he might pass safely thru the other kingdoms. King Cyrus was essentially informing the other kings that the liability of Ezra belonged to king Cyrus. This seems fair and just to me as it would not be right to expect other states to obtain the liability of a non-citizen. Whereby said non-citizen does not bear any obligation in exchange for the benefit of State.

    It seems to me that many desire political rights but do not wish to do what needs to be done in order to obtain to political rights. Declaration of Trust and Agreement to establish a new Estate. This is much more than most even have an inkling about so I will go no further.

    Clearly the Will and Testament established in the Preamble and Constitution are of force and one finds that the Testators are all dead. For clearly a Trust must proceed the existence of an Estate and we can see that the People were a special unincorporated association which are all now dead.

    United States is the Vessel in Equity which will hold the Seed sown by the Testators
    We the People = Testators [the Man]
    Beneficiaries = Ourselves [Testators] and our Posterity [babes]
    Trustees = offices established under Constitution
    Executor = Management = those offices given to govern [the Woman]

    1. Nature of Trust = Ministerial

    2. Purpose of Trust = to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty

    The Purpose of Trust secures the benefits for which class of beneficiaries - Ourselves and our Posterity. Was that for everyone? Answer is emphatically No!

    We the People are now all dead but their children live on and continue to benefit under the Trust and Will established to manage the Estate. Thusly to say that one is a member of the class of Testators called "We the People" is to agree to be a dead man. Seems double minded wouldn't you say? Can you argue with the foregoing? It seems pretty straight forward to me.

    One will now say it is impossible to identify a man and that is true. So what are we left with? My Word is my bond. And that is Honor. It is upon the foundation of Honor that the House is built. Now then a servant in a Man's House is subject to the Law which governs said House. This House is akin to a great TREE which many birds and animals come to take shade. And thusly if it is to be a Tree of Righteousness - the Testators must establish justice. And thusly a Judiciary must be provided for within the contemplation of the Estate.

    So the question of identity now goes to State. In other words, which State in Being holds your identity? If you have not created a new State, then you continue to abide in the State of your Father/Mother. Are we not commanded to Honor our Father and Mother?

    Did not Sampson ask of his Father to go get him a wife? Is this not Honor? Who is this Wife who seeks her own Identity? Does she not know that she submitted in Trust to a Husband? For even Sarah called Abraham, my Lord.

    Is a thought dead? I mean c'mon - I mean it - Is a thought dead? What then can be said now of State? Is not a State a mental realm? Am I not birthed into this realm in a body of which I did not create? And too am I not birthed into State and given a vessel of which I did not create? In either case how to identify Me is the concern.

    Please tell me who I Am. I Am that I Am. Choice is in Me - I the prime mover. Shall I move in a vessel of which I did not create? Maybe, but I must abide by the laws. Do I have a choice in regard to the body? yes and no. Whilst in the body, I am subject to the laws of matter. Even though there exists a higher law in universal Spirit.

    Psa 17:14* From men which are thy hand, O LORD, from men of the world, which have their portion in this life, and whose belly thou fillest with thy hid treasure: they are full of children, and leave the rest of their substance to their babes.*

    Comment: "Ourselves and our Posterity"

    Psa 17:6* I have called upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, O God: incline thine ear unto me, and hear my speech.*

    Psa 17:7* Shew thy marvellous lovingkindness, O thou that savest by thy right hand them which put their trust in thee from those that rise up against them.*

    Comment: What is there to fear? Until one can effectively elucidate their desires, then to obtain more knowledge is really not useful. For wherein shall truth be found? For if one says they desire freedom, I shall ask from what? If one says, they desire freedom from oppression, I shall ask, from whom? Eventually, we will come to a paradox for don't you know the Key resides in you?

    What then of the body? Is it not subject to it's Creator? And the Mind? Is it not subject to its Creator? Should not the mind and body be One? As Spirit condescends into Flesh and these two are one. What of the body which acts contrary to the Mind? Is not a Legal Identity subject to its Creator? Ref Psalms 17:14. Are not all the children in the House of the Grand Man subject to their father?

    Now I ask you to ponder - Can a child contract?

    1Co 13:11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

    When all of the Living begin to walk in a special way of life is not that a resurrection of the dead? For the Testator sowed his seed [life] in hope. Do you see?
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    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph
    We see here that Yehoshuah submitted to those who were given to rule - which is the left hand path
    Don't you think that if God wanted blind obedience, he would not have created robots to serve him? I don't want to lock horns with you, but it has seemed to me for a very long time that you and David have become a bit too prideful.

    Those given to rule, rule because God allows it, but many think that means you have to abdicate your obligation to self-defense. In other words, the Watchers need to be watched too and hold accountable.

    I choose God and his way because it is the Right thing to do, not out of fear of destruction, punishment, or hypocrisy. He gave me volition for a reason.

    We are born ignorant, and there are those that think this is license to take advantage of others, it is not. Those that Rule take a grave and solemn responsibility and by causing harm or injury to their people they bring curse and damnation on their own heads.

    Just like the priests that betray their oaths, they will suffer their own damnation for their own infidelity. And what of the people? Are they to be cowards and let their rulers destroyed them with impunity, when they know something to be unjust?

    I am ignorant, but I ask and pray for wisdom. I wanted money when young, baseless, and ignorant, the Scriptures taught me to ask for Wisdom instead, and I am a much happier man. I don't understand their system, yet I strive to live an honorable life. And I have come to understand that if I am trying to live and abide in honor, and their system interferes with my intentions I have come to comprehend that one of us is wrong.

    For example, the flaw in the Constitution for not accounting for Usury and the possibility of hoarding the precious metals, they could have included provisions for Jubilees, but they didn't. Don't you think some know better now days?

    Don't you think Lincoln became acutely aware of the Constitutional flaw of not taking Usury into consideration?

    You most forgive me, but I think you and David tend to be cryptic to accrue money to yourselves, when what you already know about the system could make your richer to your hearts desire. So why struggle to know more? Why still buck the system? Could it be that you are also moved to defend the widow and fatherless? I would like to go on, but I fear I have stepped on my tongue. Forgive me for any and all trespass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post
    You most forgive me, but I think you and David tend to be cryptic to accrue money to yourselves, when what you already know about the system could make your richer to your hearts desire. So why struggle to know more? Why still buck the system? Could it be that you are also moved to defend the widow and fatherless? I would like to go on, but I fear I have stepped on my tongue. Forgive me for any and all trespass.
    It only seems that way. But you would be very surprised to know that LMT is basically a charity with barely enough increase to pay the staff to run it. If I seem cryptic it is because I speak in the Language of the Law. One will say what of the Widow and the Orphan? Is it not good religion to "look after" these? Answer is yes.

    Is not a Widowed woman without a living husband? So then frame this properly. Living from what perspective? From the Spiritual perspective there are many who are dead in Christ [but still have oxygen and blood pumping thru their flesh] and some that are alive in Christ [which is to say they are Spiritually alive]. When the Husband is alive [in the Spirit] the woman is not a Widow; however, IF the Husband falls into the lower level meanings of Scripture in regard to Life, then he is dead. Of course the Husband is the Leadership of the Church.

    Who are the Orphans? Are these not the children birthed of the Parent church which now lack a Mother [administration] and a Father [Leadership]? These have no idea of THE WAY for they only have a moral code in regard to the flesh. "Where were they going without noone to show them the way?"

    Who will show these Orphan churches THE WAY? For the Zadok are commanded not to marry these. For Mother and Father drank up the Wine and got to talking - but when the "car broke down" they started walking THEIR OWN WAY.

    So before you start throwing stones at me or David Merrill you might just take a very hard look at our lives and realize that we have walked ten thousand miles or more in experience. Now in relation to what I can do, why do you throw stones at me? You can do too! What I can do and what I do are most times not synonymous. Nevertheless, I do not think that you have thought to demean my character. But what matters most to me and I mean it is paramount is to educate.

    But let me be very clear and this is a fact: Those who eat at strong meat find it very difficult to even find a place to begin. David Merrill and I made some audio videos recently and had a woman review them for us to give us perspective in regard to the level of teaching. Now David and I were of the mindset that we tuned the teaching down to a point where most could understand. We were both shocked that the response was that we were talking way above the heads of the average listener! Now indeed that was a shock.

    Neither one of us wishes to be perceived as arrogant but rather your humble servant. But here is a fact. Some come for the free fish sandwich and some come to learn how to fish. Those who see equity will give in order to get and that is Honor. And anyone who says that one should be compelled to freely give lacks Honor and thusly lacks Love.

    Regarding the Constitution and Declaration - have you not noticed the Capitalized Nouns? Do you think you have enough Wisdom to know what they mean? Answer is no. You cannot know what those Special Nouns mean unless or until those who hold the equitable title wish to enlighten you. So too is the Scripture. I cannot know any of Upper Level meanings unless I ask for Wisdom [Holy Spirit] to know. Seeing that I might read the book 25 times and still be in total darkness, I cannot come to know unless I ASK. Therefore is the humble man [mind] rewarded with knowledge and understanding.

    Eventually the student comes to see he never needed the guru for the inward being first reformed by the outward no longer needs the forms. If that is cryptic to you, then you need only read Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and realize this is about transformation from the Natural to the Spiritual [6th day] and then from Spiritual to Celestial [7th day]. Nevertheless the school teacher is necessary it seems.

    He who thinks to control is a fool. For we live, move and have our being IN GOD. Therefore give thanks in Eloah as a Hey with both arms lifted the man-child being born realizes that we swim in Consciousness. "For we know and we understand that a mighty god is a living man" - Bob Marley

    I have contemplated the creation of a new State but quickly realized that I would be a dog returning to my own vomit. Therefore I found my own "bliss" and having heard that call "I am upon my work." I don't expect most to even comprehend the why but that too is not required. I am that I am.

    I need no golden calf religion. But these are precious gems and one day when truth dawns in the Morning of Man's Transformation then these precious gems will prosper as they come to life! Until then, Paul is sending Onesimus across the Age to Philemon [Church] and whilst Philemon is not being very receptive currently, He will. For Peter [Church] knew he was going to die as he was crucified upside down - which is a symbol to show that the Laity would be widowed.

    Just as then so too today. Life or Death is set before each of us. We each must choose. And who is this who seeks instant gratification? Certainly this one has not heard the call. For one who would be instrumental in planting a new tree of righteousness in the earth knows that this tree may not bear fruit for another 100 years. Possibly without this one's lifetime. Who can hear from this one? For most plant only to reap harvest in the 3rd year. And many faster than that!

    Romans 7:14 relates that the Law is Spiritual. So why are so many concerned with the flesh? Might it be that they don't have what they think they have? Ever see the greatest movie about Redemption ever made? The Shawshank Redemption! For Andy being reborn found himself and then he really did not care about his old life. You feel me?

    How do you suppose one can come to know with certainty except that one experiences. Out into the cool of the night strolls the Pretender.

    Ever feel like you are split in two? Ever try to start fire by rubbing two sticks together? Split the bottom stick in two and there is the key. Caught between the longing for LOVE and the struggle for the legal tender. There is a 3rd path. Traffic it seems is all the children can see.

    Says John the Baptist who is the illuminated intellect: "I must decrease and He [Christ] must increase."

    In the end - the Love you make is equal to the Love you take. The wavelength of Love is much shorter than that of fear! Love turns us on! I hope I have served you.

    Nevertheless Gavilan, we would be pleased to assist you as well. And we are having great success and continue to have very happy students.
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    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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    The only thing keeping me from telling all that is required here is time. That is because I can earn much more money for people by helping them get to the correct interpretation of law and remedy than they pay to me for some attention. There are people successfully getting full refunds both federal and state by simply reading about the remedy here and now, many other places that replicate what is found here. I find that greatly satisfying that I have written plainly enough for people to understand and interpret the information correctly.

    I begin to think resentment that people gladly part with their money for true wisdom about remedy becomes the obstruction, between them and remedy. Thank you for the psychology lesson. Try approaching remedy with love. Or at least consider saving your money to buy a membership at; or maybe pay me directly for the Lesson Plan. With the right perspective you can get this though, with or without my help. Just spend some time reading here.

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    P.S. I believe that one of the more informative threads here is about what IRS agents think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    P.S. I believe that one of the more informative threads here is about what IRS agents think.
    Johnny B. Agent
    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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    You know, it dawns on me that going about searching without knowing what you exactly want is a fools errant.

    I have nothing against those running the system and ruling the world, if that's God's Will.

    I do have a beef with anyone abusing me and taking my substance just because they think they are slick and can get away with it.

    Regarding the Constitution, you are right, I do not know what the capitalized nouns stand for, and yes I understand it is a code for what ever they have chosen to defined what People means..

    So, I am just a man existing in this world trying to live the best and honorable life that is possible without harming anyone maliciously.

    In my search I came across this video where Harmon L. Taylor tells how those in the Judiciary taught him how the system is working.

    They know, they have their subjective rules, do you think God wants us to figure it out? Or can we live and seek the Kingdom while being victimized by them?

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    Dead in Law Dead at Law For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live unto God.But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter. Letter of the Law above the Law Persons in Law at Law. I didn't come to change the Law. Christ fulfilled the law, but did not abolish it? “abolish.” It translates the Greek term kataluo, literally meaning “to loosen down.” dissolving of the human body at death Status Standing Styles of a court death. (ABOLISH) the extended meaning of “to overthrow,” i.e., “to render vain, deprive of success.” In classical Greek, it was used in connection with institutions, laws, etc., to convey the idea of “to invalidate.” Status Standing Styles of a Name how are most commercial law legal NAMES styled. a court case is styled to convey the personal conveyance invalid standing valid standing . perfect obedience under threat of a “curse” If however, the law of Moses bears the same relationship to men today, in terms of its binding status, then it was not fulfilled, and Christ failed at what He came to do. Redemption accomplishing His goal, then the law was fulfilled, and it is not a binding legal institution today. Further, if the law of Moses was not fulfilled by Christ—and thus remains as a binding legal system for today—then it is not just partially binding. Rather, it is a totally compelling system.Consequently, nothing of the law was to fail until it had completely accomplished its purpose. Jesus fulfilled the law. Jesus fulfilled all of the law. We cannot say that Jesus fulfilled the sacrificial system, but did not fulfill the other aspects of the law. Jesus either fulfilled all of the law, or none of it. What Jesus' death means for the sacrificial system, it also means for the other aspects of the law.All Rise that's a order 72 hrs are 3 banking days .

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    Is it strange the Bible was written for a church not for man as possessing one was death Especially as both righteous and sinful men grew together until three men each on a different cross and path. The bible is foremost a law book Rabbi Priests were the Bar members . God found his way into the courts of Rome. Now we face a Cryptic God our Government run Courts There's MONEY too be made that were not making of those heathens .Bar members and statutes are for argument Demanding and seeking agreement especially redemption Nobody need ever get wealthy from redemption just fiscally and spiritually saved. If MJ and David teach anything its expectation and explanation your own. Adding why respect to persons has none Acting ability dont mask that ability with fiction or the sacrificial system just forces the financial fiction too ACTS like a statute look at lots wifey luckily most hebrews had dozens too covet. to desire wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard for the rights of others: to covet another's property. Sounds like a sacrificial system or looking back Restricted Endorsement the Government created you DEAD in law no rights or property covet another's property just another statue Headstone Grave Image Dead and loving it.

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    I feel it is safe to say, Law is for individuals. True communion is mandatory exception from the law.

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