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Thread: The economics of admiralty

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    The economics of admiralty

    The Captain goes down with the ship!

    I always thought that was kind of harsh. The doctrine was mitigated by bottomry. Insurance makes it more the Captain's duty to save the crew and get to work making the claim to restore the owner of the cargo for his loss.

    Lately I got to thinking how much more economical the "New Technology" of garnishment might be if the trial court was already opened in admiralty. For a good example, somebody assaults somebody on a commercial airline:

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    Now simply find the senior "justice" of whatever Circuit (Court of Appeals) is in fraud, by having a deviant oath of office:

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    There is more to this. A very clever attorney overrides the FOIA Exemption as Private Attorney General. No OMB# means that the Congress has budgeted no bonding for this "judicial officer":

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    I am simply saying that it is much more disconcerting for a Mason to be confronted with his blood oath. If he opens his mouth providing the Key to the CODE, he has sworn consent to be tortured to death.

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    So why pussyfoot around. George WASHINGTON added, "So help me God." ad lib to the first Inaugural Oath and it was added to the 1789 oaths for all federal judges - but in upper and lower case plain English. By finding the suitor is already in admiralty, this saves resorting to the 'Saving to Suitors' Clause' and it saves steps enforcing Rule B(1)(C):

    If the plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney certifies that exigent circumstances make court review impracticable, the clerk must issue the summons and process of attachment and garnishment. The plaintiff has the burden in any post-attachment hearing under Rule E(4)(f) to show that exigent circumstances existed.
    The Garnishment would of course be against the known wealthy President responsible for appointing the "Justice". I have heard that TRUMP is obviously a Mason...


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    This is only where it begins to get interesting. Remember redeeming lawful money? Try stating it like this:

    Endorsement is a security pledge, promising that the signatory of the endorsement will not be redeeming this bill.

    This means that the bill of indictment will remain insurance, as in a policy, guaranteeing that the Federal Reserve assets will continue to back its value another day; also that if the bill is lost or stolen FDIC will cover it too. Do not wander from the thread topic please. Insurance is contemplated in admiralty, even when both parties sign on land. DeLovio v Boit.

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    I am making a jump, mostly because the photos are a bother. But do you see what went down?

    Crusaders - Masonic Knights Templar and the Jesuit Inner Temple of Crown Templars returned with vast plunder from Jerusalem. It is inherent that authority be in the stare decisis - case law. The attorneys even call it authority. One must cite cases, opinions, orders etc. - "authority" in any appeals court and the appeal "judge" is never allowed to practice law from the bench. Only recite it, common law/case law, in a new opinion.

    This is why I have said that the spine of the common law is case law. And more to my point here, if the common law fails, it defaults the law boundary to admiralty jurisdiction where the Rule provides the suitor can even more easily garnish the President's wages.

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    Therefore to justify the theft of the "Treasures of Jerusalem" Eleanor of Aquitaine embodied a Record called the Laws of Oleron, an Island off Spain near France (Gaul) where the Magdalena fled after the alleged Crucifixion. This law boundary was simply record of decisions made around court cases, most of which were decisions about admiralty and maritime jurisdiction. This of course redacted the theft to recovery of flotsam, salvaging wreck found at sea in the primary model of the cestui que vie trust of 1666. If you are lost at sea for seven years then you may be presumed dead and the estate goes into probate.

    More interesting in the red, at the root chakra is how this assumption of death caters to the hollow, a hunger that cannot be filled permanently. Mer de Noms is Sea of Names. Sustainable debt. The Treasure of Jerusalem is rumored to be the skull and femurs of Mary MAGDALENE herself.
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    Beautiful piano David. You're a Renaissance man.

    As for Washington appearing "flustered, or overcome with emotion" perhaps the false teeth might explain a little...

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    but more likely, I wonder, if he wasn't finally starting to realize what he had innocently done by earlier pledging an oath to some frat boys and their secret society? Perhaps the answer to "what have I gotten myself into?" was dawning ... while giving the nation's first inaugural address!

    Happy Friday the 13th everyone.
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    Really!! "So help me God." => What have I gotten myself into??!

    There is another very interesting genome component. Actually two-prong. Linguistics pegs Matthew THORNTON who opened the precedent for my bond - Life, Estate and Sacred Honor.

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    Notice the author.

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    Take a look at the man issuing the oath. I think his descendant was associated with Tim TURNER (President of the USA Republics now in prison for tapping the stock of the US) by accident. The contemporary LIVINGSTON was only grabbing a soapbox I gather. I spoke with him later on a podcast and he became very uncomfortable about the association with the Republics.

    Dr LIVINGSTON about NY Freemasonry.

    Summary of Intent.

    After a comment broadcasting to the brain trust, I am having some insight:

    Crosstalk: I have attached a few pages from my new Find too. If you find it interesting though, I add that in my opinion Dr. LIVINGSTON formed his theory about fraud, and then compiled source research around that premise, never stopping to reevaluate that the City of New York (METRO organization) is not in the dissenting State NY. Just as the dominions of Levi (priest) were not in the territory of Israel, but throughout "the cities and their suburbs".
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    The Garnishment would of course be against the known wealthy President responsible for appointing the "Justice". I have heard that TRUMP is obviously a Mason...
    The consensus among the Quora answers was: Probably not.

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    Thank you. I am not sure if it matters. I am not a Mason but I like to look around in the Lodge, Museum and Library.

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