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Thread: I do believe the highest title is a Land Patent

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    Hello DTBA, After you get your land patent and everything done what are the benefits you expect to experience, if any?

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    That's interesting to know. But then I must ask, if the law cannot be upheld to work as it should then, what is the next step? Do the federal courts do the same thing or, is using a law dictionary to define words and phrases not defined in the documents being tried actually going off course and gives them a valid objection? The way this stuff is written, the color "red" can mean 5000 different things basically. Which is why they use legalize. We all know of the Oath bond dodging and how that process is suppose to work. But if they are holding office unlawfully then can we as a people still hold a claim against them? I'm still an infant on this information but find it fascinating. I've learned and read a lot since the discovery of this website. And look at everything differently now. As you have way more experience with this then I, as I have only been in court twice. Once on the jury, and the other for having a expired drivers license when I was a young man.

    Thanks for your response and God Bless!
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    I'm not to sure. From what I have found out, the Land patent is suppose to be the highest form of "title" to property and no claim can be made against it if it is a perfected "title". However, in my state, according to the Revised Statues, it says that all forms of title are allodial. Link provided. ( ) But, that states that they hold right to eminent domain on real estate. Real estate is still putting or converting private property to a commercial classification. Real estate is commercial in nature. Extracting my property from commercial realm and holding it in private form means it's not real estate from what I have researched. The land patent is suppose to grant you the land by congress themselves, and congress is outside of the United States corp form of government as they are part of the Republic. They control the United States federal corp. as they created it via the Act of 1871. The only people who can revoke the land patent is congress. Private property is protected under the Republic Constitution for the United States of America. Which brings me to State Citizen vs U.S. citizen. These are two Citizenship's in this country for the two different forms of government. State Citizen is for the Republic, U.S. citizen is for U.S. corp. . Reading the Immigration and Nationality Act, you find that you are born a National and then granted U.S. citizenship. The State citizen can be achieved via the passport through the Post Office. This will correct your status when you fill out the application and check no to U.S. citizen. However, I have not tried this but reports say it works. But then you must fulfill any contracts you have with the U.S. Corp government and get to a clean slate. Then stop contracting with them. Now this turns to Lawful money redemption that has been provided via this site by David and Joseph. This effectively terminates any agreement to operate with private credit with any Bank. But, I have found out it's not just an endorsement on checks. This remedy can be used on all financial documents. Anything that says revenue on it or tied to a revenue agency, this can be used. Very powerful I must say as the federal reserve is so deeply woven into today's government agency's and administrations.

    Please note however, I am still only a researcher at this moment. I wish to educate myself to the point of being able to stand firm on my processes and or claims to truly be able to achieve my goals. Then share valid information for others to use. This year is the first year of me filing a lawful money return with the IRS and the fear is still present in my mind. This will be my first step into actually acted on my knowledge. The second will most likely be the passport as a man I worked with who worked at the post office was telling me about filling for a passport and he validated some of the information I researched.

    Thanks for the question and response. God Bless!
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    I have noticed some information on here about the MCO/MSO for your cars and may have found a valid solution. You can contact the manufacturer of the vehicle and request a duplicate copy of the MCO/MSO through them. They will send you and affidavit you fill out and have notarized and then send it back. It will take about a month to do and get the duplicate but it's a duplicate of the original on the correct paper with security measures in place. Then you can void out the state Title and return it to them.

    Thanks and God Bless!

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    To add to my post about the U.S. Federal citizen vs state citizen. The documentation that I verified that from was "The slaughter house cases" in Louisiana. link provided.
    Those cases proved the difference between a State Citizen and a U.S. citizen. The State Secretary can sign/issue passports for identification in every state and is done so via the Post Office. However, state citizenship is not a option on the passport application. You must select "other" and then use your Birth certificate or other proof that you are a State citizen. But I put this into question as going back to 1775, when Ben Franklin borrowed money from France to fund the war and then could not pay it back. Which created the first bankruptcy. Then this would explain why some call the U.S. Constitution a bankruptcy document. Meaning that ALL of the procedures fall under bankruptcy law and administration when you look at the big picture of things.


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    I created a trust whose trustee then bought the real estate with cash, lawful money (no mortgage). The trust owns the property. Legal name isn't even in the public record. And get this, the trustee is someone I ... trust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DTBA View Post
    I have been reading But I read an article Looking for verification on this information. Land and property, when purchased has to be recorded with the county recorders office and tax assessor. The land or property is then registered as residential, agricultural, or commercial. Not private as private property cannot be taxed. These three forms are all commercial in nature. its a interesting read.

    Private property means
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