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Thread: When Heritage and Destiny are Coherent...

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    When Heritage and Destiny are Coherent...

    There is peace.

    Follow these links and spend a little time. See if you get the hint I am making?

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    I could take a stab at it. A bunch of suitor claims/garnishments were opened and closed same day by District Court Clerk in DC. You remanded them to Northern NY District Court where you have patroon heritage and asked Supreme Court judge ROBERTS to oversee them. Possibly clerk BAERMAN started down the road to garnishments and then a few days later we find a job opening for his position, suggesting BAERMAN experienced the Wrath of KAHN? No wait, the Wrath of SUDDABY.

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    Yep. And the central bank link implies the risk management issues to a corrupt judiciary as a collections process on national debt. Now we find TRUMP is getting in alignment, apparently hoping nobody notices that he has been appointing a few federal judges himself!

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