I have successfully redeemed Lawful Money and corrected this on my 1040 for the past 3 years to reflect this. Thanks for everyone's help here.

Prior to my lawful money redemption days, a 1099 form didn't make it to my 1040 form. I just received a notice from the IRS that they would like to bill for self employment tax and interest. I prefer not to kiss a few thousand dollars of my current hard earned lawful money for the lack of awareness of "federal reserve notes" at the time.

Is there a way to not write them a check for this amount from my bank account?

I see things like filing a UCC-1, going through the processes on sedm.org and famguardian.org, becoming a secured party creditor, and this thread here

I've got to be up front, I don't have a law degree, any legal training and am all self taught, much of what I read on this forum is very hard to comprehend… I'm still grateful for it. But is there a way in layman's terms to not pay this debt to the IRS using my lawful money deposited stored in my bank account?

What do I do with the presentment from the IRS? I wish to remain in "honor" with them in terms of contract law and reply to the IRS. Is discharging the debt what I'm looking for? Can someone please spell out the steps in layman's terms?