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Thread: Snide but Lawful

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    Snide but Lawful

    I get these examples now and again. When pushed by a proper Demand the IRS attorneys know the law. But here we get a taste of an agent getting in a jab by rounding the lawful money refund out to $2,000. Like saying, "But we get to do sloppy work, just the same."

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    I intend to verify this by checking it against my own preconceived opinion.

    Or. Maybe, asking to see the corresponding Form 1040.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Like saying, "But we get to do sloppy work, just the same."
    We get to do sloppy work, to our SHAME. Until there is a paradigm shift in the minds of the people, then the people [feminine aspect] cannot birth the state they desire. Unfortunately the "seed" being planted in her field is mostly serpents seed of confusion [Beth-Beth-Lamed]. Should not a woman be true to one husband? Why then does she serve two houses? Is this not the ancient tale?

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    Not sure I follow. The IRS owed the suitor more than $2000 but just picked a random round 2000 to apply to past unpaid balance? In that case, I should think the rest would come as a refund. Strange.

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