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Thread: TSA Pre Check: About to pay to get some of my rights back

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    TSA Pre Check: About to pay to get some of my rights back

    I'm pre-approved for my pay as you go travel rights and now will have an in-person interview with these TSA bozos. I understand they have discretion based on who knows what about granting me my travel rights back (no groping, no nude photography, no shoe removal).

    Anyone here familiar with Should I take this clarification of my citizenship in with me found here, or is this a recipe for being denied my TSA Pre Check because of my belief in being a Constitutional but non-statutory citizen?

    What would you do? Anyone have suggestions or a similar experience? Would I have any simple legal grounds to stand on if denied this service for providing this form?

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    A 20-page tax form attachment? Nice one. Your answers are likely found here. "When you arrive at the airport, look for signs for the TSA Pre?® lanes and present your boarding pass and Government-issued ID to the Travel Document Checker". This morning pastor said bring a covered dish to share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamsnowden View Post
    What would you do?
    Where it asks: COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP? I would select... Vatican City, or maybe Guinea-Bissau.

    And thank you for redeeming lawful money; it helps us abolish the Federal Reserve.

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    I wonder what happened to TeamSnowden. Detained at the airport?

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