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Thread: Money Creation in the Modern Economy

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    Money Creation in the Modern Economy

    Money Creation in the Modern Economy (link)

    In the modern economy, most money takes the form of bank deposits. But how those bank deposits are created is often misunderstood: the principal way is through commercial banks making loans. Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower's bank account, thereby creating new money.

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    I had the radio on when this guy came on. Wasn't sure if I heard it right so I went to the bank's website.

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    The banks do moral work, God's work, and therefore the taking is justified. I think that's in the bible.

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    Not in my bible. Were there any banks in bible times? Anything beyond the King's storehouse or grain silos.

    You may be thinking of Lloyd Blankfein in the Times...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorne View Post
    Not in my bible. Were there any banks in bible times? Anything beyond the King's storehouse or grain silos.

    You may be thinking of Lloyd Blankfein in the Times...
    The storehouses and grainhouses were the early precursor to banks. These were the banks of the ancient world.

    They even had crude instruments of credit, exchange, and risk pooling (insurance) as well.

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    Deuteronomy 23:20 indicates that Jews were lending institutions. I hear it that Jews therefore kept vaults and were trusted with jewelry, ingots and other small valuables. Then that developed to transferring the valuables and so instead of withdrawing a few coins to buy something, and the seller would be depositing those coins into the same vault a note could be written - a bill of sale. The item would be sold and the ownership of the coins would transfer. Islam created the Sac, becoming a check. This is where transfer of the coins over a distance was unnecessary as long as there was an accounting and eventually (armored car) the vaults were balanced out.

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    In a western Judeo-Christian religious social order the "Jew" in my post above activates only the left hemisphere - a patriarchal and insecure jealous God - monotheism. Whereas ELOHIM is no doubt plural, indicating a greater order of long-living (telomeregenesis) rulers, the Anunnaki.

    To get this, one only has to recall that Jesse and David were Jesus' ancestors. And they were pre-Jew. The Jews were created in Babylon and the entire Bible was composed in reverse order. The New Covenant was compiled (canonized) by around 400 AD and the Old Covenant was not compiled until around 1000 AD. My point is found in some of the 'rejected' history that the later Davidide (Judah/Jews) were subject to Omrides (Israel/Sumeria). - Ten Northern Tribes are smeared for Golden Calf Worship which involved a much more sexually balanced practice, with priestesses. Now remember that Jesus was anointed by a woman.

    The puzzle solving process is important.

    Jerusalem was captured by Notice of the imposed Constitution, the Laws of Moses 2,520 years ago (2016). This is found in Nehemiah 10.

    P.S. It would seem Michael Joseph has somehow finished my point for me:

    Who is this who would deny?-
    Male gods sold in the marketplace to buy
    No evidence of a man giving birth
    Can be found anywhere in the His-Story of Earth

    And yet as Adam doth show in the first Noble State
    the Woman equal to Man doth the Book relate
    Until - that fateful day when these sinned against Self security
    The Woman - now called Eve regulated into obscurity

    Now in the pantheon She is nowhere to be found
    He, His and Him - male gods abound
    And these supposedly produced a Son
    Have Mercy kind Lady - how is this done?

    Is this something new under the Sun?-
    A man birthing child - at the end of a gun?
    For the preacher doth stand supported by State
    And the Truth be damned for He has no She mate

    M is for Mother the Divine feminine invoked
    A is for the Divine Father equally yoked
    N is for Son the birthing of State
    MAN is the true Church can you relate?

    Son of MAN is of Soul which is what I was told
    Renewed as a Child though the Form may be old
    Male or Female the form is the vessel
    Sagacity transformed Psyche doth wrestle

    That Ancient Woman in the last is made known
    True to her Children Wisdom is shown
    Overcoming that Serpent of Lies and Deceit
    At last in the end She takes her Seat

    At the Head of Her Table kings take their wages
    From her beautiful lips birth wise men and sages
    The Wonderful Woman Womb-Man and no other
    At last is She recognized God as our Mother

    What wonder and terribly majestic Elohim
    One-Half of the God Head as can clearly be seen
    Male and Female a requisite to Create
    God Father and God Mother Elohim in Eight

    Turn the Eight sideways and then you will see
    Perpetually in Union is the Nature of Being
    He joined to Her in Divine Bliss
    He Crowned with Her Glory is His Beautiful Miss

    These Two are required to Birth a New State
    A new Son in Glory no one can debate
    Of her beautiful breasts comes forth Golden Ore
    Shekinah Shaddai the Keeper of the Door.
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    Found it. Page 30

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    The operative Mason in ancient times, received as compensation for his labor corn, wine, and oil--the products of the earth--or whatever would contribute to his physical comfort and support. His labor being material, his wages were outward and material. The Central Banker, on the other hand, performs a moral work, and hence his reward is interior and spiritual. The enlightened brother finds his reward in the grand and gratifying results of his studies, and in the joyous results of his Central Banker deeds. Co 4: 1

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    The most important point is the pooling, control, and circulation of capital.
    That is a bank in essence.

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    That's a Mason Bible. And I saw what you did there.

    POOLING - if I mine crypto in a pool then I'm pooling. Helping create new money by solving for a new block. When the pool solves/finds a block then I share a part of that new block based on my share of contribution to that block. A 1% share would give me 1% of the new block money.

    CONTROL - I have the private key; only me. No one else has my private key. Therefore I have full control.

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    CIRCULATION - Crypto currency circulates everywhere there's an internet connection. I can send or receive funds direct to anyone's wallet without a middleman and for low fees. For example, a billion dollar's worth of BTC just transferred for the cost of a cup of coffee.

    I've checked all the boxes.
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