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Thread: Money Creation in the Modern Economy

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    That's a Mason Bible. And I saw what you did there.

    POOLING - if I mine crypto in a pool then I'm pooling. Helping create new money by solving for a new block. When the pool solves/finds a block then I share a part of that new block based on my share of contribution to that block. A 1% share would give me 1% of the new block money.

    CONTROL - I have the private key; only me. No one else has my private key. Therefore I have full control.

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    CIRCULATION - Crypto currency circulates everywhere there's an internet connection. I can send or receive funds direct to anyone's wallet without a middleman and for low fees. For example, a billion dollar's worth of BTC just transferred for the cost of a cup of coffee.

    I've checked all the boxes.
    Interesting take. The first man alive takes the Tontine.
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