I read an interesting paper (attached) recently about the pineal gland. I have modified one of the graphs on my hypothesis that melatonin "cancels" dimethyltryptamine. This hypothesis is formulated by direct experience and intuition, and is not very scientific. But take a look at how easily one may be converted chemically to the other and back again and I think you might find it convincing.

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The new chart describes how we dream much more after the Witching Hour than before it. I have been awakening to work geopolitical social engineering at about 2:30 to 4:00 am for decades now. I find that between work and rising I have the most vivid dreaming, which agrees with my speculation on the chart.

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Just so you know my work from the author here is the original chart:

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Furthermore this supports some of the Australian aboriginal beliefs and even ACIM (A Course in Miracles) about how DMT ramps up and we are actually creating the Universe like a dream. But I am saying that we do it more in the mornings, according to the chart.

Most filters have it that the creative imagination is additional above and beyond the concrete mundane time-space continuum. My speculation is that the solidity of the time-space continuum with material reality is a derivation of imagination according to the neurochemistry of DMT. DMT is found in all living things, apparently melatonin is much easier to measure and so becomes the subject of the paper. But look again above at how similar the chemical structure is and I am speculating that the 100% of the mixture is part one, and part the other depending on what time of day by the communal sidereal clock.

Recently I heard the reason the birds sing before dawn is to wake up the forest. Without the birds the chloroplasts will wait until the sunlight is on them to 'wake up' and start the photosynthesis. All plants are loaded with DMT. Birds too.

I hope I am getting my point across.