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Thread: Bankruptcy Foreclosure - Pouting about a Wall.

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    Bankruptcy Foreclosure - Pouting about a Wall.

    The Albany Remand is an innovation upon global jurisprudence, being an organic class action. The link changes so download it to disc now. When Doc 40 is added and uploaded, the link will change.


    Doc 39, Page 3 of 7 has a publication image covered in case numbers. That is for Castle Church at the Garnishment on Doc 38. Page 3 shows driving trust seal - and sure enough, a Bankers' Holiday is still a holiday; so note how TRUMP relies upon a holiday pay statute for the current restructure in bankruptcy. CASTLE CHURCH - For the Redemption of the Office BISHOP is Melchizedek, presiding in truth over the Dragon Court and NEPHALIM, the biblical "Sons of God" at Genesis 6. So the publication of the Garnishment was truly a Holy Day - holiday. Pouting about the Mexican Wall is just smoke and mirrors, distraction - a red herring.
    Simply put - the Garnishment causing the current bankruptcy restructure (Holiday) is upon Steven Terner MNUCHIN as US Governor of the International Monetary Fund, not the Secretary of the Treasury. The IMF is an organ of the United Nations.

    You might prefer Doc 30. The suitor joindering at Doc 32 filed a rough draft that interprets the Bible much more comprehensively than Sunday School.
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    Whoa, thirteen hundred pages. This will take awhile. Hey I saw the "VICE" movie about Dick Cheney and family. Very interesting although Martin Armstrong says they got part of it wrong.

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    never give or take excuse for not knowing what a Wall Re- Presents cant Build a Wall around the Automotive Industry its a governed Compliment or the Military Industrious governing Compliment Free Trade or NAFTA is a crumbling Wall? De/portation is more used in national (municipal) law. And expulsions are used in the context of international law or federal district. So each (municipal) metro builds a portion and po┬Ělice its portion So claims made are in them Federal DISTRICTS incorporated on either side of the wall the plastic wall green cards SSN keeps folks in the Districts.

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