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Thread: The MENDOZA Order

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    P.S. Metaphysically is not a giant synonymous with a Religion - a man of renown?
    This is why I feel we compliment each other here and on the brain trust, including your student body too. Your civil engineering works in well with my geopolitical social engineering. The clearest method of dispelling the opiate is to interpret the Bible correctly, both metaphysically and as a historical document.

    Jim and I took apart Jesus' ancestry, heritage and destiny correctly. This required Christianity Explored x 7. I actually went through seven full sessions of Christianity Explored focusing on the Book of Mark while consulting with Jim up at the Castle.

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    It seems kept quiet but the Green Initiative was once developing technologies dissecting shards of paper mache. They probably found it unproductive to Christianity as commercial priestcraft and stopped before exposure. People would not throw away parchment and papyrus (writing paper). They glued it together with gluten for utensils like wastebaskets and salad tongs etc. So now we use a 3-D printer to reproduce the artifact and peel out the layers and raise the ink to read it. With Internet collation we are exposing the entirety of Mesopotamian history showing how the Chancellor of the Dragon Court Sir Laurence GARDNER was revealing some important facets of the Bible Story.

    It has such an amount of novel information that I suggest you print it out, and read along while watching the video. That saved me a few hours.

    The Bible Story as a Wedding Song is wonderful Michael Joseph. I was noticing a page about the layout of Washington DC, that I copied into the attached pdf. The street orientation is designed to emphasize Isis... and the Christian Virgin. Catnip!!
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