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Thread: The MENDOZA Order

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    There is a Tax Protester Dossier entry for SCHLABACH over here that indicates he is an enrolled agent. I believe that site is maintained by the quatlosers. They have entries for all the big names ... but look who is noticeably absent!
    Thanks for putting that together. His behavior was telling me so.

    Funny feeling... being a glaring omission.

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    Yes, another glaring omission to go along with the other GLARING OMISSION.

    You've been on the scene well over a decade now yet they do not classify you a Tax Protester, another patriot nutjob with a wacky theory. After all, who needs a tax protest when you can simply stop endorsing private credit and owe no tax. This is tacit acknowledgment by the quatloser that your interpretation of remedy found at Section 16 of the Federal Reserve act is correct.

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