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Thread: The MENDOZA Order

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    The MENDOZA Order

    2018 was even more interesting with John SCHLABACH filing a civil suit. When it came up on my radar I prompted John to acquire Mr. Salvador MENDOZA's oath of office.

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    As expected the oath is deviant, the office is vacant and Mr. MENDOZA is not a real judge. He is another criminal in syndicalism, with an intentionally altered oath of office racketeering for monetary gain. I warned John that if he waited until after a decision, recusing MENDOZA would come off disingenuous - like if MENDOZA ruled for John, then John would accept him as a real judge. I warned him because it is truly a big temptation.

    Also, if you review some of the Docs on the attached docket report you can tell that John actually won the cause by default except that he failed to serve the State (federal) Attorney General a Summons and Complaint. So the IRS attorneys had plenty of time for planning strategy, probably even in ex parte hearings with MENDOZA considering he is not bound to law and constitution like a real judge.

    Not only that, because of John's order for the MENDOZA oath they were likely onto John's being disingenuous and were justified in returning the favor in kind. Dishonor follows dishonor.

    So there it is attached for you to read. I see three flaws from the get-go! One, the Discussion begins with MENDOZA saying he has no jurisdiction to be making the opinion, integrated into the Dismissal Order. Therefore MENDOZA is pretending that the case is dismissed because John's arguments are indeed frivolous, for the reasons cited. But if you are careful about reading the case is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and MENDOZA is using some kind of fringe boil over precedent "threshold issue" that allegedly permits him to talk like he has jurisdiction and standing to opine about lawful money.

    While reading the MENDOZA Order however, it is very important to understand he can use smoke and mirrors because he is not a real judge, after all. For example, this is only about tax year 2013 according to MENDOZA - during which time John was not making any demand for lawful money on his paychecks.
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