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Thread: What Government Shutdown?

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    What Government Shutdown?

    I chose Religious History in America because of opiate for mental states. As I uncover the Mesopotamian history in the Bible I begin to see the commercial priestcraft as greed, and even worse sloth. People buying into the traditional interpretation are just intellectually lazy.

    Since the 31-Day Government Shutdown ended on 1/23 and still smoke and mirrors, I have been paying particular attention for evidence or proof that it really has been a restructure in bankruptcy. On the financial side of the US Government, it has a quasi-private Fed to cushion the bottom line as it is based in SDR's. If that link fades search "Fed Assets Current".

    Name:  Doc 38 Restructure Commentary on Constitution Transcript.jpg
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    The Government Shutdown did not happen in reality. Look at the Executive Order:

    Name:  Doc 38 Mexican Wall Shutdown EO #13854_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  Doc 38 Mexican Wall Shutdown EO #13854_Page_2.jpg
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    See what Donald John did? He gave federal employees Christmas Eve off, and left it up to Department Heads to decide who was needed to work, and who got paid.

    So that begs the question how December 26th did Donald John get to say, I am not opening Government back up until...

    In my mind at least, this shows Congress knows the financials to avoid a garnishment. Bankruptcy restructure.

    Name:  Doc 38 Garnishment Michael Paul James Frank_Page_01.jpg
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    There are several factors to consider while estimating my 100% confidence that this Doc triggered the restructure. The prime being that Steven Terner is being garnished as the US Governor for the International Monetary Fund, not the Secretary of the Treasury.

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    To clarify what a restructure would include:

    Name:  Doc 38 Restructure Pay EO #13856_Page_01.jpg
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    Interestingly we find the distinctions of law and equity, formally addressed within the Executive Order.

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    Two oaths, for a dual capacity judge. We have been seeing how the Appointment Affidavit has the civil servant oath, while the deviant oath has the judicial oath.
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    If you are new here...

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    And when Mr. BURGESS was called on the deviation he redacted his signature before allowing publication.

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    These "judges" are bonded in equity with a civil servant oath but are bond-dodgers around judicial conduct; Article III.

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    Here it becomes especially delicate elucidating why this is in Religious History. The Fed itself as a reserve cushions us from the impact of a US Government (corporation) Bankruptcy and Restructure. Public Law 94-564 is accompanied by the Senate Report and a State Department Bulletin about the Jamaica-Rambouillet Accord tailgating (SDRs) the Amendments to the Bretton Woods Agreements. Ergo this mutual imprecation of bankruptcy of 44 nations upon the League of Nations, United Nations and the resurrection of the State of Israel upon the Jubilee (50 years) of the First Zionist Congress all requires a bit of parallel processing to settle correctly.

    I have spent a lot of verbiage over the years defining and describing my peculiar transforms; how I interpret the infinite information and collapse it into these various standing waves to form a particular timeline... You seem to be sharing in it, this particular reality and I should and do accept that as well as not accepting it is sociopath behavior. But the reality of my being God, creating the universe judges my ego harshly. You keep interfering with your ego's agenda, in other words.

    I found the most peace about five years into A Course in Miracles, when I quit judging my ego.

    The other day in Torah Study I was pointing out how the Jews are all Babylonian. Nebuchadnezzar shaped a new religion that defied the common law of the Children of Israel who had remained around Jerusalem. The fellow felt that the Israelites prior to c 600 BC were also Jews. He knew the Bible Story well so he conceded that his definition was the "modern definition of Jew". I prefer the historically accurate definition thank you.

    In The Other End of the World by Roger RUSK Dr. Grattan GUINNESS is quoted saying something like, If one does not know the distinction between the Israelite and the Jew, he is still in his prophetic infancy. But RUSK spells it out clearly.

    This is supported by both scripture and common sense.

    Now to truly understand what frightened Adolph consider the recombinant DNA of two patriarchs for the entire Jewish race, returning from Mesopotamia by decree of Cyrus and Darius. Nebuchadnezzar well understood the harem precept, not only of copulins but prima nocta (first night) in breeding out an enemy. The examples of male captives were all castrated. So the unichs were caregivers for Nebuchadnezzar's incubators.

    Something interesting came as reminder though - about Sanballat HORONITE:

    Ne 2:19 But when Sanballat the Horonite, and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, and Geshem the Arabian, heard [it], they laughed us to scorn, and despised us, and said, What [is] this thing that ye do? will ye rebel against the king?
    This lineage is Canaanite. The Sons of God are the Sons of Cain in the Bible. Genesis 6:1 makes this very clear that the Anunnaki rulers were genetically stature and intellectually improved "Giants" and this is the Stem of Jesse, and the common family ties of all the US Presidents and so we find it all hidden right in plain sight. It is the opiate delirium cast through fear of guilt standing in people's way.

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    And while Google+ lasts, enjoy downloading these articles by Marcus Eli RAVAGE who in 1928 likely inspired Adolph while seeking out an appropriate unifying national enemy for Germany.

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