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Thread: Trading with the Enemy act - David Merril hunch at it being illegal or unconstitution

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    USDC Chief "Judge" KRIEGER

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    There we find the chief "judge" at the Colorado USDC purports to be ruling Article III. However it becomes quite clear that her oath of office is deviant in form.

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    "So help me God." has been changed to "SO HELP ME GOD."

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    An oath is eternal - for it invokes Divine witness. When one comes to knowledge that what a (wo)man thinks in the heart so is (s)he, then one can see an oath is eternal for we are one for God is one. Going to the Shema, one who has eyes to see and ears to hear can see that the

    Deut 6:4 Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one.

    Notice that there exists an AYIN [eyes] at the end of Shema and going to the manuscripts we can see that the Ayin is larger than the other letters. Why is this so? Connect the word Shema to Yisrael and we see that Spiritual Israel is called to WITNESS to that ONENESS. This is a great key.

    For who can curse me save me? He who would try to curse me would bring a curse upon his own head. Therefore, let us not pick out the failings of our brethren for there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. The Head moves the Heart but our reality is produced from the Heart. Come now let us enjoin the two together in Hope and make a tri-fold cord. For Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain - Faith, Hope and Love.

    Now therefore it is impossible to throw off the bonds of universal laws of consciousness for we by nature objectify that which is first in the Heart for the Heart is the womb of creation. An oath being by its very nature an appeal to the Divine does but invoke folly to assume that all of our deeds are somewhat not subject to Divine Law. For there is only one River and it split into two [conscious and subconscious] and these are as a man is to a woman.

    Coming to see the true womb of creation, I can see that there is no fiction. For He [consciousness] thru feeling impresses upon Her [sub-consciousness] and she births the reality. And therefore it is only folly to think one can throw off these bonds - for all are born under Law - no exceptions.

    One cannot know unless one proves these laws to be true. Otherwise one is merely with head knowledge which does not bear any fruit. I speak to the perfect law of liberty which those who rely solely upon reason cannot contemplate. For indeed Moses did not enter into the promised land.

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    Grand Unified Theory:


    I kept averaging the Table of Relative Weights, naturally occurring isotopes only, until I found the best Standard that brought the entire Table closer to whole numbers. If you have played a guitar you may have noticed how if you play "D" in an upper octave that the open "D" string starts to vibrate.

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    I found the system in Florida. Of course Jed BUSH was Governor there while the Family invested heavily in private prisons.

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