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Thread: Filing 2018 Taxes Advice

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    My suspicion lately is that the DoJ is keeping tabs here and the Albany Remand, seeing that we have no judicial oversight to run to - except maybe the Dragon Court (NEPHALIM) and then maybe above that, the Truth. So they are experimenting.

    I am copying this post over to What does the IRS agent think?
    Thank you David,

    I received a copy of my 2017 signed W4 with Lawful Money stamp today from the IRS along with form 3699 (rev. 1-83) attached to the front, it has a box checked on the form that reads "Forms W4 (To be filed with your employers to enable them to determine the amount of income tax to withhold from your wages.) See photo attached.

    After much searching I found this on the IRS site:

    "General OCEP Audit Guidelines

    Return cancelled checks, receipts and other original records the taxpayer submitted during the audit. Use Form 3699, Return of Documents to Taxpayer, or Letter 1020 (DO), Correspondence and Interview Examination. Letter 1020 (DO) advises the taxpayer of the status of the audit and documents returning records to the taxpayer.
    Place all pertinent correspondence in the back of the file. (Correspondence enclosures may not be pertinent, see IRM Contact the taxpayer to determine whether they submitted any original documents. If so, make copies of the documents and return the originals.
    Keep only records you need to document workpaper conclusions in the files.
    At the first indication of a revocation, the agent must be careful to keep all records that were received from the taxpayer. At the same time the agent must begin compiling an administrative record. For a discussion on proposed revocations and administrative records, refer to IRM 4.75.32, Declaratory Judgment Cases and The Administrative Record.

    General on-site audit guidelines are in IRM 4.75.11, On Site Examination Guidelines. They may be useful in an OCEP audit. Refer also to Exempt Organization’s, Audit Technique Guides, for audit guidelines appropriate for an OCEP based on the type of organization under audit."

    Are they really going to audit me for claiming LM?

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