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Thread: In Process: US Passport as American (not US citizen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheryl Marie View Post
    Thank you. Since you’ve requested more sharing from me, there is one more element of that Hearing to share. I think it’s a significant element. I took notice of how the bailiff called attention to the justices’ entrance. Bailiffs in the local courts merely say “All rise” and maybe add something like “the court is now in session”. But ,what an opening ceremony it was at that Supreme Court Hearing!

    Unfortunately, the Court’s YouTube posting of my visit last week begins after that ceremony. However, I’ve located a hearing (when that Court sat at a different City of Michigan) whereat the ceremony was captured on camera. This link provides evidence of the same opening that I witnessed

    I’ve done a bit of investigating about the meaning of the words and phrases. For the benefit of further discussion, here’s my transcription of the ceremony:

    3 bangs of the bailiff’s gavel, then “Hear Ye, Hear Ye the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court of Michigan. All persons having business before this Honorable Court are admonished to draw nigh and give their attention, for the Court is now sitting. God save the United States [or UNITED STATES], the State of Michigan [or STATE…], and this Honorable Court [or COURT[.” Then one final gavel-bang.

    The phrase “Hear Ye, Hear Ye”, and the words and phase “admonished, draw nigh, give, God save” mean an agreement is being announced, in my opinion. Obviously, the subject is “business” between persons and the justices. I found the definition of Hear Ye on the website The phrase generally means “listen to me” or “hear you”. "Ye" in older English is second-person plural subject, so it means the crier is talking to the crowd. What I also found is that the numerical value of Hear Ye in Chaldean Numerology is 1. The word Chaldean can mean a native of Chaldea, or pertaining to ancient Babylonia in general, and also a member of the Chaldean Catholic Church, a uniate Church of the Roman Catholic Church. I opine that the expression Hear Ye, Hear Ye electromagnetically forms an agreement: Offer made to the crowd and Acceptance of the Offer by the crowd. Listen to the expression–-the first Hear Ye is electric and the second Hear Ye is magnetic. The word “admonish” means caution, and “draw nigh” means to pull or drag forward. The meaning of “give” is obvious, but included, as notice of giving allegiance. But the God being invoked to “save”, in contrast to the typical expression “God bless ...” is of primary importance. What God is invoked? I’ve only heard “God save” in reference to the Queen of England, as hope for the long life of the monarch. So, is the intent of this Supreme Court’s opening ceremony to invoke the long life of that Court’s ability to sit in equity at law? My opinion is that it does.

    I, however, had caused a preexistant agreement with that Court to apply to my speaking to them for mutual benefit, and I had imported the law of Creator-God as the law of my cause.
    I was just writing about that Unit of 1, in Chaldea. Big Surprise Cheryl Marie. LoL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florida Man View Post
    The way I found this place was looking for information about getting a passport document from the "united states" corporation that properly identifies/acknowledges me as on of the People in "We the People" and not some paper entity / slave.

    I applied using their DS-11 form and along with it I included a declaration that was written by myself, which was inspired by Roger Sayles example. I did not supply an SSN because I do not have one, meaning that the SSN is only issued to fictional entities and not to living people. I received a response from them about a week after sending in the papers where they asked me to sign a sworn statement that I do not have an SSN. I instead NOTICED them on their own privacy act which states that no "benefit" can be denied because of a refusal to provide ssn. I also pointed out that their own DS-11 states that all information on the form is voluntary, so they cannot claim the SSN falls under the few exemptions made in the privacy act. Lastly, I demanded that they issue my new passport with my name properly capitalized and not in "all caps" as they have before.

    After they received my repsonse, they removed my "application status" from the online status checker website. So I called in and provided the "locator" number that was included on the letter they sent me. They told me the application is "in process" but would offer no other details. I find it rather humorous. So to others pursuing this, just wanted to give some insight as to my experience.

    Interesting observations:

    - The "US Dept of State" who processes these applications refers to those applying as "applicants" and "customers. That is quite telling.

    - The letter I received from them did use proper capitalization of my name.

    - Whenever I call in to check the status, the initially cheery "customer service rep" looks up my file and then a minute later starts talking in a more serious tone.

    - They refer to the passport as "U.S. Passport" all over their website and forms, but the actual passport document is "united States of America". They are playing semantic games (as usual). There is no such thing as a "U.S. Passport" because a corporate entity "United States" has no authority nor jurisdiction to issue valid passports.
    To the original post... What's the status of your application now?

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    Florida Man has been banned.

    As intelligence nexus between many people who share experiences like what you have quoted I get a lot of exactly that same story, over the years. It is exemplary why I banned Florida Man. Thank you for giving me a chance to think this through again.

    First off, Florida Man found his way here under a false impression, and a skewed perspective of what "saving to suitors'" is about, regarding consul. It just came up on another thread too, how this website is like a phishing website. Debt and redemption cannot exist in the same scenario, at the same time. Debt means the lack of redemption, and redemption redeems debt. The perspective that one exists while the other exists is delusion and requires a great deal of fear to acquire sustainability; another delusion - sustainable debt.

    With that said one might consider capture of the mind.

    I am uncomfortable running Google Earth videos through clouds because of copyright but I can describe them, how you can retrace the excavations of manna fabrication. I will find a better way, maybe by clearing the video through Google for approval. My point is that I am guiding teachings here, like with what I did by banishing Florida Man. By and large I verify what is the truth, show you how, and then write about it here. If somebody has remedy like a "true USA" passport on their mind, they can tell us all here. Florida Man was starting to repeat himself.

    Moving on, we come to mental dominions. Even so, territorial dominions are nothing more than drawing mental lines on the ground. Therefore we find how much weaker geophysical boundaries are than mental boundaries. The Queen of Scotland is nowhere near as threatening to Catholicism as the Queen of Scots. The latter has the hearts and minds.

    Therefore neither the US boundaries and/or the USA boundaries are real, except in the minds and that mind is primarily expressed through the Secretary and Department of State (federal). Florida man was parsing out distinctions that make no matter whatsoever regarding the use of the actual Passport he sought. The consul and embassy he sought to use while travelling abroad was described exactly the same for the USA as for the US.

    If anything, that is what would have led Florida Man to be writing here. What might be perceived as phishing would indeed be that usage by and large by Russian entities and identities to appoint the only possible candidate to do business at this time. Geopolitical social engineering. And so he has; as we finally have execution (more that 31 days) of restructure in bankruptcy of the SDR, the rule of currency since the mid-70's:

    I grabbed a Member at random, of all the members who had read that thread linked above and found the member's email to be indeed Russian, but the IP registering him was English in the Sovereign and Independent City of London. I directed that collapse of infinite information out of "random" like I typically do. If you want to know who was phishing though, look at the USDC 18-cr-32 case. That is who used the 'saving to suitors' clause of 1789 utilized as rule of law here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    I think that your point eluded me.

    You are saying that the CEO of the "old" US lost his job as a member of The Board, during the bankruptcy?

    I do not believe that is true at all. With real persons going through a personal bankruptcy, they do not dissolve the personage. And many times if things are not going as well as or better than the Business Plan projected, a CEO can simply dissolve the corporation, restructure and pick up with new capital under a new name. Donald John himself has put the DONALD TRUMP through four personal bankruptcies or so I hear on Internet rumor. One thing that amazes me is how the man most think is President has earned billions in collusion with the Russians upon the human frailty of addiction, chiefly to gambling but all the other receptors are present within the casino empires this one man has built.

    So I think that the unusual thing about this bankruptcy would be how Congress played its deceptive role, and never even mentioned raising the debt ceiling, not that I was really paying much attention. But this same Congress is playing ignorant that the artificial person, the United States has not bothered changing its name. So legally I feel that Congress would be required to pass a bill excluding the US from that requirement - to open after restructure under a different name like corporations do.

    I do not watch such things close enough to speak with certainty. And I certainly understand how inconvenient it would be to change the name of the United States. But it seems to be a discrepancy in the traditions of trust law.
    I'm sorry for taking so long to respond. Life sorta happened is the best way to describe it. I had to read the posts again to realign my thoughts to the point I was trying to get at. I was only referring to the seat of government itself. Not the actual person. From my thoughts, if the international bankruptcy mandate of 70 years is over, then the debt should have been forgiven. DC should have been shut down, then restructured or reformed for other purposes for the people because it no longer operates under bankruptcy. Also, the Birth Certificate system should have been dissolved with it as well correct? DC was incorporated to allow it to operate in commerce which Congress controls. I view it as they're personal shield of protection IMO.

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