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Thread: In Process: US Passport as American (not US citizen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    P.S. The point being that the US cannot run [and] hide in bankruptcy for another seven years.
    I recall that Radio Shack filed bankruptcy in 2015 and 2017, so apparently the seven year wait doesn't apply to corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcy like it does to personal bankruptcy. But maybe you're talking some kind of international bankruptcy - don't know where to look for rules on that.

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    Thanks for bringing that up.

    I am not really sure why it does not matter; at least in articulation here. Cause and effect are different on the right side of the boat. It is like the oaths, you regret when you find a "judge" with a properly formed oath but then you realize that you have uncovered a properly fungible fidelity bond. You have actually uncovered a judge among the bond-dodging and racketeering.

    So you might be correct and logic says that means I made a mistake. But I am following my dioxyribonucleic acid and there are no mistakes in that.

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