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    The Rose Philo-Sophie

    Principle: Man is law in action.

    If the foregoing principle is not realized, then man is subject to a fictional world which is built in the same fractal and kept legal to the trust that formed it. In realization and redemption, man experiences The Word made Flesh. A living Word he becomes. Paul, the Operation of Truth, is that status in the kingdom. A citizen of the Heavenly Court. Proclaiming our Lord Jesus Christ in recognition that God is One.

    I sought to find wealth because I thought wealth would bring happiness, but the more wealth I accumulated the greater the heartache because I had the responsibility of maintenance. I worked hard to maintain that which I had gained a temporary possession. So I considered the rich and the poor and questioned "who is happier?" By all outward expressions it seemed the rich were happier but then I noticed, even though the poor complained about their "bread and water", the poor had time for family. Time to go on walks, time to experience the barking dog, the chirping bird, the frolicking deer and the struggle of companionship. So then I had to reconsider is the rose sitting in the vase more beautiful than the one that is trampled in the mud?

    And I have come to see that the one that is worn and weathered is real because it is touched daily by those who possess it. The other rose sits perfect in the vase watered and pruned by "hired help". Both possess The Rose but in the poor it is cherished, touched everyday and cared for by those who have little else to turn their attention. So then I thought again who is happier? And I see, as long as we seek thinking we need we can never be happy. The rich one fills the empty void with accolades and materialism; and, the poor man fills the void with struggle and hope. But both seek to find that which is already possessed.

    Then I wondered who set the stumbling block before each of these? And can true happiness come to the seeker? Then it dawned on me, the answer is no. One must come to rest. The two must become one. In duality is this not the tree of "good and bad"? Who will judge what is good or what is bad? And it is thereby which discontent rules in the heart of dissatisfaction.

    Then I considered what then of volition? Can I exercise my will and remain happy? And I have really given this some hard thought. And the only answer I have arrived at is YES, but ONLY if I choose to serve others. The moment I choose to serve myself, I become a judge of what makes me happy and now I have fallen into duality. Because once I get what makes me happy, happiness runs away again. Yet, if I serve another, I can view the fruits of my labor in a smile, a laugh , a touch. These are the fruits of love.

    Then I realized the poor are not happier. I judged that condition between two aspects of the same scale. In other words, I framed my philosophy in duality and therefore being double minded I led me astray. But in realization of my error I led captivity captive.

    So then I considered the Devil and I realized that Selfishness is Satanism. And all sorts of demons rule in that realm. For thinking to obtain happiness, I selfishly sought to possess it. But it eluded me until I quit seeking and began serving. Then I saw I was happy when I saw joy expressed by others as a result of service. So then my joy is not my joy! My happiness is not my happiness. And then I had to see it is our joy, it is our happiness.

    I only exercise my volition to use the talent granted to me by the Divine Grantor. Can I bury that talent in the Earth? Hardly. It makes me unhappy to throttle the talent granted into my care.

    And yet sometimes I notice that when joy expressed from "my work" that "my ego" seized that joy as the fruit of "my labor". And then it dawned on me it is not "my" anything. Any work done is the ability to work as granted of God. Then a new paradigm expanded as a flowering fig within. It is not I that work but the Father in Me.....Sitting back and admiring the work is foolishness for the work could not happen unless it was granted unto Me to work. Getting a better view of Moses and Pharaoh it is clearer that Pharaoh is that great central ego.

    So then I had to consider the sacred religions and I saw that it is joy to understand but happiness to serve my fellow brethren without the ties of religion that bind. Then I asked what of race, creed, economic status [essentially different estates]? And then I saw the stumbling block. And then it dawned on me, my labor is not for me! Any ability to labor is granted in me by God. Man is Law in action! So then I saw I can exercise my volition and be happy. For works are conditioned upon working for the Lord Jesus Christ. For now I labor to please God and Man. And now why should I be satisfied with "good enough" when I am blessed to create masterpieces for Us?

    Then I asked "what is true religion" and I almost laughed when the answer came. True religion is to do all acts from love. I perceive that this foundation at first will take diligence, but I also perceive that with time and sustained volition, faith will begin to take a back seat to love. So then I reconsidered the poor and the rich and found both are miserable because both frame their existence in materialism which is selfishness. One will say how can the poor be selfish? But we can see that to hope for something else to bring happiness is folly. The ROSE must blossom within for then it is neither in the vase or in the mud but carried always in the hallowed place - the hidden place of the heart.

    Then I considered Salvation and the Light came On. I considered again the persona Michael Joseph and saw it is an illusion. Who gave that name? Is not the grantee subject to the grantor? And is not the estate qualified? Then I saw it is my Ego which took the kingdom by force. And I am without ability to point a finger at anyone. Comes to mind: Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Playing all the roles am I the Fool become Wise. I looked outside my window and saw the military ruling in Marshall Law under Lieber Code and by the Law of Correspondences I see "as within so without."

    But even more than that, I saw the identity "Michael Joseph" is used by me subject to the qualified grant which is also subject to the Military Occupation. Therefore "Michael Joseph" is a tool no better than a wrench. Then I had to laugh as I see I have been working on Pharaoh's car for crumbs while denying myself a car of my own. An identity is not Me. And Me, the central Ego is not the true Self. These are overlays over what is real. Fundamentally then the question begging to be answered is "Who am I?" But that question can't be answered until I know "What am I."

    Identities are masks worn by actors who subject themselves to a grand play being governed by men in boots carrying guns. I heard a double minded one say that "gun violence" must be stopped. And I laughed at the presentation. As if a gun can grow legs walk out the front door and exercise volition. But then I thought if "guns are violent" then how will this violence be quelled? Then the answer sprang into mind "by men in costumes carrying guns!" So now is the absurdity perfected "gun violence" will resolve "gun violence" - and now is the duality of this double minded lunacy exposed. For the one who carries the gun has no hope of anything changing and therefore the "poor" cling to their guns as their last hope of protection against the wolves of this horrible drama.

    Is not violence the fruit of the will exercised. Should we consider "knife" violence? What about "fist" violence? "Feet" violence? "Man" violence? Ah ha! The synthesis has been exposed! The politically inclined will do ANYTHING to point the attention of the mass AWAY from "Man" violence. The goal is to keep the mass occupied with frivolity so that noone will turn their eye upon themselves. So I considered the political Left and the political Right in the light of "Man" Violence. And I had to laugh - do not both go head first into the grave? Are not both a complete waste of time? But then, again how to fill the void remains the problem. Since Pharaoh has all the food - the middle men must prostitute themselves for Pharaoh's attention.

    Then I saw that nothing will change until the heart changes. And I saw the reason for the Great Wars - a formula for Worldwide Military Control. I saw firemen/policemen wearing military rank; and, then I saw the civil governments sit at the pleasure of the occupying army subject to the head of that Army. And with that insight so much became obvious as to why and how the Law of the Sea has swept all Men off the land. But then I saw something more horrible - men were being paid as "bottom bitches" to do the dirty work of their overlords [middle men on the fence]. And then I was sure I had not left Egypt. But I could not point the finger at another, for Identity and Duality caused me to fall off the wall. All the king's horses and all the king's men have sought to rebuild me [in Pharaoh's image], but only I can rebuild me. I have played the pimp and the harlot; and therefore I cannot judge one actor from the other. Did not those 30 pieces of silver purchase the potter's field? Are not all broken?
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    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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    Dan 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any God: for he shall magnify himself above all.

    Dan 11:38 But in its place shall he honour the God of fortresses [on its pedestal]: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

    Dan 11:39 Thus shall he deal in the strongest fortresses with a strange god, whosoever acknowledgeth him he will increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for a price.

    Phm 1:3 Grace to you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Just as the Central Ego sits in the throne room of the Mind and shows itself to be God over all the thoughts and desires [sons and daughters] of the land, so too the "king of this World honors the god of Forces" as the god of this Earth. It's like we are all in a boiling cauldron and the only way to survive is to eat each other up. This view is the result of becoming completely subject to the lower serpent of sensuality. Which is merely an overlay over what is real. Is it now time to remove the mask and return to our 1st Estate?

    Michael Joseph - Identity
    Fireman - a title for an office [duty] in the Estate created by some other actor
    I - Self

    Can we now appreciate the analogy of the ten tribes of Israel losing their identity? These 10 are no longer Surnamed I AM [Yah]. These substituted Truth for a Lie trading Identity in God for Identity in State [the creation of some actor]. When we begin to see the 12 tribes or the 12 apostles as 12 Powers in Man - then the picture becomes quite clear. 2 tribes never left that Identity - Judah [Praise] - Benyahmin [Redeemer]. As within: So without

    But she said she wanted a whole man not just a half.

    "The Sun is shining - Yahvah, the Rainbow wants you to know you're a Rainbow too!"

    Striving to remove the mask, I remain your fellow worker:

    In His service
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    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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