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Thread: Affidavit of Truth Example

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    Affidavit of Truth Example

    Please provide an example of the currently recommended "Affidavit of Truth".

    Is this sent with a tax return (e.g. 1040, 1120), or is it sent instead of a tax return?
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    2) Please provide and [sic] example of the currently recommended "Counter Demand".

    Is this sent First Class, Certified or Registered?

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    Here is one. This goes with copies of checks, front and back.

    You want a Certificate of Notary, with all notarized documents. This will keep rules of evidence. It is a statement from the Secretary of State validating the good character and expiration date of the notary.

    Redeemed lawful money AFFIDAVIT_OF_TRUTH_(Lawful_Money_Redemption).doc

    P.S. Checking his online banking by phone, one suitors gets a kick out of the message:

    Name:  redemption No Reportable Income phone message.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    2) Please provide and [sic] example of the currently recommended "Counter Demand".

    Is this sent First Class, Certified or Registered?

    A counter demand? Not sure what you mean. You make the demand at every transaction, optimally. When you say "counter demand" it comes to mind a refund demand at the hardware store. So they are giving you cash back in refund and they want you to sign the list. I figure this is endorsement of private credit for the FRN's. So I just sign it "Lawful Money." No problem.

    I thought they might give me some difficulties but by the time I sign and they see, the cash is already in my pocket.

    A great way to get around it is put the cash in your pocket, then pull out your camera and take a photo of the list. The cashier will usually take the list away and waive your signature requirement. Since they would be sharing your signature with the next refund request applicants anyway there is no privacy. So the list was yours to photograph when they requested you sign it.

    This is good for petitions too. They are a good way to collect information. Also, churches are very free with their Member Lists if you hoard such things.

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    Counter demand sounds like a Jaro thing.

    I used COUNTER-DEMAND against the IRS in 2015 after they levied my paypal account. Until that point I was arguing with Fresno IRS repeatedly, so they transferred me to the Massachusetts IRS. But when I sent them counter-demand, they sent me right back to Fresno IRS. And I haven't heard from either of them for 8 months, at which point they sent me another payment demand with added interest. So I sent Fresno a counter-demand too and I haven't heard from them since. This was all about a 2009 tax which they assessed me because I wouldn't file 1040 with them.

    Then in fall of 2018 Philadelphia IRS picked up the matter. I sent them a verification letter to which they replied that they don't know how to answer it, so they'll send it to Mass. IRS. Of course I already beat those dudes with counter-demand in 2015, so they never contacted me.

    But a few months later, in spring, the Philly IRS notified me that they don't have my income tax fillings for years 2013-2018 and if I don't send filled out 1040 forms within 2 weeks, they'll assess my taxes themselves. I again responded with a validation letter in May of this year. And I haven't heard from them about that since.

    But they sent me a letter three weeks ago, regarding the 2009 assessment, saying they're transferring that to Ogden IRS. So I'm waiting if Ogden responds or not. So using UCC COUNTER-DEMAND kept the IRS OFF my back so far, since when I send it to one of their agencies, they don't wanna deal with me. Although they didn't adjust the assessment to zero. So basically I fought them to a draw.
    Of course this shows that they operate under the RULES OF COMMERCE such as the UCC, so when you challenge their authority and they don't respond, their presentment is INVALIDATED.
    ...didn't adjust the assessment to zero doesn't sound like a win to me. Seems more of a delay tactic. Anyway I've never seen his COUNTER-DEMAND but was curious enough to offer him $10. His response? wait for it...

    "Price will soon go to $50"

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    I was wondering if there is a later version of this example:
    and whether this was sent instead of a 1040, or if it accompanied one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
    I was wondering if there is a later version of this example:
    and whether this was sent instead of a 1040, or if it accompanied one.
    I'm but a mental midget yet I thought David provided you an example in post #3 above. What are you trying to accomplish?

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    I think it is called by attachment. You attach some evidence to the 1040 Form.

    People build understanding best by doing. Then you feel redeemed from the rigors of the illusion that debt has substance and value, and that it can be the basis of currency. Debt is akin to slavery. Debt and redemption are exclusive of one another. You cannot have one and have the other. However I believe that contracts can be isolated from each other. If a redeemed man (knowledge) needs a loan, even with interest, it might be difficult but he can pay back the loan and interest without affecting his feeling of redemption.

    Read the fine print, so they say.

    P.S. My point in saying that is you should understand I do not spend much time accruing examples. They are all sanitized beyond being any use to you. Suitors share many success stories but in respecting privacy, they are redacted beyond rules of evidence for you to use. If you mimic others you are not building the proper confidence. MJ and I agree on this but I show more examples than MJ. People tend to copy examples and therefore "script", expecting IRS attorneys will not spot weak areas to proceed with billing.

    Here is our joint attempt to edify:

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    Yeah. A man should cut his own lawn.

    I would say that Affidavit of Truth isn't necessary when filing a lawful money tax return. The tax return itself is your affidavit.

    IRS: we have a report here says you used quite a bit of our wonderful debt notes last year. What say you?
    ME: You mean those wonderful depreciating Fed Reserve notes?
    BANKERS: well I wouldn't characterize our ...
    ME: That information report is wrong. I'm not required to use your FRNs.
    BANKSTERS: Say what?
    ME: That W-2 report. It's wrong. I didn't receive $49 thousand and something in "wages" income.
    BANKSTERS: Oh rally? Well we're going to assume the W-2 info is correct unless ...
    ME: you hear from me. Yeah, I'm gonna fill out your 1040 return and indicate how much of that was private credit of the FED and how much I redeemed in lawful money.
    IRS: OK then. We will likely stall, send you letters & proposals, and hope you come around to see things our way; that all your income is federal income.
    ME: I won't and it isn't federal income.
    IRS: Whatever

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    Stephen, you left your thread at the front desk.
    Thank you.

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