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Thread: The Sumerian Swindle, and The Monsters of Babylon

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    So qualifying any jew is rabbinical designated just for another jew. but acting like a jew is the best one can expect from another jew Israel and Holocaust are jewish things. Things that have become bigger than judaism #1 is money Many people have suffered but not for judaism but the lack of it. According to Torah law, a person's Jewishness is not a matter of life-style or self-perception: one may be totally unaware of one's Jewishness and still be a Jew, or one may consider himself Jewish and observe all the precepts of the Torah and still not be a Jew.To be or not to be a person jewing up your day God respects no persons So he doesn't blame any persons just the Acts of that person.

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    I think it much easier explained through gold, monatomic in microcosm and metal in the macrocosm. The leads to the pyramidal neuron architectures can be stimulated to near superconductivity from gold easily.

    But thank you for the delightful reading! That is a great collection of original thought and quotation - and I am accustomed to your not designating which is which by now.

    My point is that doping the DNA in the cerebrospinal fluid with monotomic noble transition elements (formerly) metals brings the strands (double helix) to a hyperluminescence and charge compression generating gravity. First control the weather, then it will come. I AM it. So what happens is elevated communication among the interior walls of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (cerebral cortex) and this corresponds through a brain trust into the gold, much of it the same gold Joseph hoarded into Egypt's treasury, some of it stolen by family ISRAEL and ground to monatomic powder and utilized to stir up great trouble to the wonderful Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites etc. breeding ESP enhanced warrior-priests.

    Then I express all that through the Chinese purchase of treasury bonds, buying up our national debt until we reach critical mass of the Chinese sputtering that gold and etching it into the communications architecture of the server farms and data silos worldwide.

    So I am having some trouble seeing Moses as inspired. The glimpse he got of "God" was a rear view of gigantic and elongated skull freak Elul KADOL, who knew that if Moses detected it was just a freak he was looking at, then he would have to kill Moses.

    So again, thanks! I see about three hours of work in those posts. Maybe it comes to you more quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    a group of people tracing lineage to the Fertile Crescent.
    You do realize ... the Fertile Crescent stretches from Point O' Woods, Fire Island to Northeast Harbor, Maine.

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