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Thread: Lincoln's House Divided Speech

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    Lincoln's House Divided Speech

    "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

    I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.

    I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided.

    It will become all one thing or all the other.

    Either the opponents of slavery, will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new -- North as well as South.

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    The Albany Remand is my Book. The same with the Olympus Ordeal. I was writing about peace in a recent chapter.

    A correction to the Google Earth coordinates on Doc 88 is in order. There is a correction to the geophysical location for the Tel Dan manna fabrication facility so geophysical coordinates are: 29.036667N 33.459167E Hathor Temple, 28.654167N 35.305833E Sinai/Horeb in Arabia and 33.249°N 35.652°E Tel Dan excavation. Please notice the permanent sulfur burns (black vitriol for electric batteries) 1/2 mile to the north of Al Lawz in Arabia (plug into Search - 28 41 37N 35 18 27E) and down in the valley to the east (28 38 23N 35 23 46E) where the Israelites were being groomed into an ESP-enhanced invincible army. The "theatrical burn" is on the next ridge between the summit and the valley (28 38 51N 35 19 38E) where it would have looked like the mountain was smoking, but the terrain is too steep for that to be a work area. Be sure to enjoy the Street View panoramic shots down in the valley to the east of the summit. We find young David enabled his bandit army similarly with the shewbread from the Temple too, Saul, his adversary slaying the priests but too late. Robert CORNUKE climbed and photographed the theatrical burn:

    It is the same Bible Story but with the objective of this chapter being highward-spin exotic matter, specifically monatomic (water soluble) gold to enable an invincible army. The Sumerian records conclude the God (Anunnaki Ruler) who would not give his name (I AM THAT I AM) is Jethro the Governor and Priest of Midian. After 3500 years, and seventy Jubilee cycles the War is Over and METRO organization (in the name United Nations) home rule must turn attention to Peace, or be annihilated by due process of law.
    So we focus on municipal jurisdiction and find the bond-dodging being rectified with a conspicuous Refusal for Cause on the deviant oath of office signed by alleged Redacted County superior court Judge Redacted NAME. Wisdom is to settle the claims herein outright as risk management for central banking on and for the behalf of the United States.
    Because you see, the 153-year war is over. For the US to continue judicial usurpation through bond-dodging is foolish belligerence. It brings the US into becoming an Individual subject to law. The Albany Remand is on and for the behalf of the United States. Without a beneficiary there is no trust.

    The joindered suitor signs the documents - Trustee of the Resulting Trust.

    The burns are from clarifying black vitriol - sulfuric acid for lead-copper batteries. Pitting man against man with one side having ESP - kundalini breakthrough - was a true high crime of war.

    The 153-year War is over as of 2016, Yom Kippur as expressed in the Olympus Ordeal. This is when the Trading with the Enemy Act was removed from the Bankers' CODE. This coincides (harmonic charge compression creates gravity, which is the ultimate formation of material reality) with 3500 years since the Invasion of Canaan. The Seventieth Jubilee.

    Building the latest chapter of the Albany Remand:

    This speaks to the very nature of civil war and the effects of July 4, 1861 extraordinary occasion and the misused Trading with the Enemy Act (Omitted from Title 12 USC 95a). The War is Over as of Yom Kippur, 2016; the 70th Jubilee since the invasion of Canaan. This speaks to the inappropriate mysticomimetic neuropsychopharmacology by highward spin exotic matter, inducing gold (pineal gland) into the third ventricle of the Israelites to produce ESP-enhanced soldiers. Moses carried the Golden Calf to the mountaintop and converted the gold into soluble powder. He then made the Israelites drink it. The War is Over by self-executing process of law. Judges do not legislate trumping the general assembly. John Pace' offers the $239 USPS money order seeking peace.

    Every Doc of this Albany Remand is creating a constructive chapter in the rectification of judiciary globally and before the oldest sovereign court in the world. The Dragon Court's mission in life is the development and scientific improvement of the dynastic bloodline of ancient Mesopotamia, Sumer. Therefore it is developed herein how carbon 60 can capture single atoms of highward spin exotic matter and the transition platinum group noble metals have certain affinity to the endocrine glands according to boiling point temperature:

    Name:  doped carbon 60 nanoparticle pump.jpg
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    Doped Carbon 60 Nanoparticle Pump

    And one particularly useful property of the affinity for platinum metals being attractive to repairing DNA is the revival of pyramidal neuron architectures in heritage - accessing the memories of one's ancestors - as well as destiny; temporal remote viewing/prophecy. Just as radioactive gadolinium 157 enhances soft tissue images in MRI scans, it also destroys a patient's liver and kidneys. But wrap it in a buckyball and it will keep the gadolinium captured for high MRI resolution and expel it completely without harm to the patient.

    It may seem to be wandering far afield about DNA but the essence of peace should be expressed. That the judiciary be legislating describes war and emergency, that the constitutions are without effect in the theater of war. Reparation of DNA enables plasticity unbridled and so ancestral memory as well as prophecy. When heritage and destiny are coherent there is peace because peace can only exist in the Now - in the present tense.

    With the potential of healing individual DNA strands in mass throughout the body, we must ask ourselves what are we fighting for?
    What has happened in the top paragraph is that the California supreme court has revised the oath of office. More on that.

    Additional Notes and Codes relative to Oaths

    In relation to Government Code § 3109

    The second paragraph of the oath prohibiting affiliation with organizations advocating the overthrow of the
    government was struck by the California Supreme Court as an unconstitutional infringement on first
    amendment rights of the US Constitution in Vogel vs County of Los Angeles (1967) 68 Cal.2d 18,
    issued December 21, 1967, and final January 20, 1968 – Therefore only the first paragraph is
    administered for either the Oath of Office to officers/deputies and Loyalty Oath to employees. Since the
    constitution itself was not actually amended, however, both paragraphs are still codified.

    Government Code §

    1364 Additional test or qualification; prohibition against removal from office or position for

    1365 Removal of appointing officer for failure to require additional test or qualification

    1366 Remedies for removal or threat of removal additional test or qualification provisions
    American Jurisprudence 2d - Administrative Law says, The Constitution is suspended in the actual theater of war. The War is Over. Hostilities are out of order.
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