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    Connecting the Dots

    This is going to require several posts.

    First I believe this YouTube report will be scrubbed, or somehow ignored so to secure a firm equity purchase of private personal estates. There is talk, I hear (rumor) of personal bailout funds for those unable to continue working due to Coronavirus. If I own even 1% of your home then you require 100% of my consent to move it on the market. Therefore TRUMP the businessman is making a play to become richer than Solomon.

    For execution TRUMP needs for you to remain afraid enough to accept "free" money. There is also a "martial rule" aspect to retaining office for a second term as CEO and Commander in Chief. Of course, TRUMP is not the President, nor will he be in 2020.

    My gdrive rendition is too large for an attachment here. I have attached a phone rendition that should play well. Here is the original link that may soon be scrubbed. I feel that you should know about the clinical trial too. Even if clinical medical science demands it not be conclusive until mid-September.

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    Maybe folks can use that 1k to buy toilet paper! I can see it now the day we were all Wiped out.

    If you would suffer some folly: Member Banks

    I am reminded of Mr. Darling who when offered a free night in the jail said "Sheriff we can't take charity, we aim to keep our position in the community." Upon checking if strings are attached, Mr. Darling found there was no Remainderman interest so he accepted. A great lesson.

    That's it - just jump in where you can and hang on.
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    Curing SARS

    The medical term for virus is pathogenic nucleic acid. A virus is barely complete as a life form yet it might be the essence of the instinct for survival. My intuitive imagination recognizes the K-T layer extinction event two billion years back, the 70-mile diameter crater has been located on the Yucatan Peninsula. But that was an extinction event.

    How about the Dome of the Rock, the same "pillow" where Jacob/Israel rested his head dreaming of a ladder to and from heaven? My estimation is that the material sciences dictated by the Council of Trent cannot find enough evidence to support this theory of mine. The valley of the Jordan river leading downward to the Dead Sea is an ancient meteorite dimple that has caused the Asian tectonic plate to submerge beneath the European plate.

    lateral transform plate boundary

    The Dead Sea fault (DSF) is the most impressive tectonic feature in the Middle East (Fig. 1). It is a left lateral transform plate boundary, separating the Arabian plate and the Sinai sub-plate.
    I speculate that this starfire (vaporized transition metals inside carbon 60) creates life as we know it and God, in all His Wisdom is the desire that transformed vomit on the Wuhan sidewalk into this current virulent pathogenic nucleic acid - COVID-19. Just as I speculate mixing these raw meats from animals unfamiliar with each other in any food chain upset the tummy of one of the diners (the video of the new elite dining practices has been scrubbed), leaving the Battle to Be on the sidewalk out front, to develop and incubate. Morning came with the heat of the day and people never even saw it on their soles/souls.

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    Going back a bit, just after the Bill of Exchange - 9/11, I cured the world of SARS including any variation or mutation. A general complex and arbitrary waveform generated devitalization technique. Please pay attention to detail - somebody initialed a "DoD" flag in the upper right corner.

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    My point herein this post is how not only China, but the US (Patent and Trademark Office) and the Department of Defense all know how to protect people from new variations of a very old primitive life form; pathogenic nucleic acid. The virus.

    Like Pilate scrubbed his hands, so does TRUMP scrub the Internet of the useful information. He needs a little more time and a little more acceptance of martial rule, the feeling we need him even through Nancy's Dinner Theater and tweeting dumbshit.

    Look through his EO's for yourself. Apparently he and his Executive Order writers burn the midnight oil. I told him clearly that the War (April 15, 1861) is Over. Hacking the Federal Register and rebuilding was his way of transferring the theater of war onto us, not him, should we choose to accept the mission to scare ourselves silly enough to partner up with Donald John and his new gambling empire. It was a clear Proof of Service.

    Especially how more people were paying attention to the Russian Appointment (saving to suitors) than the significance of the Federal Register being hacked! C'mon people?!?
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