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Thread: Abusive delays in processing Amended Return seeking lawful money reduction

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    Arrested and charged with what crime? Is it illegal to create a letter that looks official purporting to "help" people with their tax liability (real or imagined), hire a company to mail out thousands of them, then man a call center to talk people into giving them your credit card number?

    Is it illegal to come up with the Aldrich Plan that creates an elastic currency that looks official, get Congress to pass it, have Woodrow Wilson sign it into law as the Federal Reserve Act, then talk people into using the FRN currency which creates a tax liability that ends up strip mining the wealth of America?

    Both are nothing I'd ever do; seems way too ... scammy.
    Yes, and Yes.

    In scenario 1.

    Creating an official looking letter is fraud. Obviously.

    In scenario 2.

    Using bottomry (insurance - FDIC) to cover for money shortages in the member bank vaults is dishonest banking. One defrauds the customers to believing they can withdraw all their money at once. That there is enough cash on hand in the vault to do that.

    In the second scenario though, one has a remedy at Title 12 USC 411.

    P.S. I think the first can be run in criminal syndicalism. The Nigerian Scam is old news and if they still run international piracy that has quit being news. So good luck prosecuting!
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    Update. IRS office handling case is closed an I have not received official word of Frivolous Return. My "IRS Advocate", used in the loosest terms of the definition, has told me the determination is a Frivolous Return.

    On a more joyous note. The State has just sent me my lawful money reduction. In fact it is for 2K more than I claimed. IRS still denies that I have sent my return. I doubt since State relies on Fed to calculate and verify. Something fishy afoot here.

    I have also begun sharing , on twitter, what I have learned from all of you here at STSC and Lawful Money Trust. I have garnered 7K followers in only 3 days. The topic is exciting for many. Of course due acknowledgments to STSC have been made and I am now linking to the various sites as a resource. I cannot teach in the depth that I have benefited from here so hopefully you will see a spike in attendance. Check it out at David Neil@Neilof9Hostages on twitter.

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    That is great to know David Neil.

    I do not Tweet. The amount of time it might consume is disturbing.

    I sure appreciate if you can promote some more stimulating conversation. Inoculating the world systematically with the COVID-19 vaccine has been keeping me busy. And it would seem my sharing the higher metaphysics of exotic matter has been stumping dialogue. I am upgrading my lab and have gotten back to redemption on my mind.

    Like you, I feel you have accessed reliable intelligence. You expose the phone lies by getting the state refund response. Of all the returns the IRS loses yours? It is easy for an IRS agent to lie over the phone, and even if you record him doing so there is nothing you can do to bring it forth as evidence in any administrative hearings.

    Thank you for having the courage to explain the law directly to the IRS. Most people like to avoid such encounters.

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