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Thread: Abusive delays in processing Amended Return seeking lawful money reduction

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    Arrested and charged with what crime? Is it illegal to create a letter that looks official purporting to "help" people with their tax liability (real or imagined), hire a company to mail out thousands of them, then man a call center to talk people into giving them your credit card number?

    Is it illegal to come up with the Aldrich Plan that creates an elastic currency that looks official, get Congress to pass it, have Woodrow Wilson sign it into law as the Federal Reserve Act, then talk people into using the FRN currency which creates a tax liability that ends up strip mining the wealth of America?

    Both are nothing I'd ever do; seems way too ... scammy.
    Yes, and Yes.

    In scenario 1.

    Creating an official looking letter is fraud. Obviously.

    In scenario 2.

    Using bottomry (insurance - FDIC) to cover for money shortages in the member bank vaults is dishonest banking. One defrauds the customers to believing they can withdraw all their money at once. That there is enough cash on hand in the vault to do that.

    In the second scenario though, one has a remedy at Title 12 USC 411.

    P.S. I think the first can be run in criminal syndicalism. The Nigerian Scam is old news and if they still run international piracy that has quit being news. So good luck prosecuting!
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