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Thread: vaccine for COVID-19 natural and safe

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    Continued from above:

    Name:  US Patent #10709779 chimeric vaccines Moderna pages_Page_5.jpg
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    So the recent history shows what has happened.


    It's not often that heads of state wade into a furious quarrel in the scientific community, but both President Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair did so this week. On 14 March, the two leaders announced that they enthusiastically support the rapid release of human genome sequence data, a principle long advocated by Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, and other scientists in the nonprofit sector.
    William Jefferson back paddled furiously on his proclamation that nobody could touch stem cell research. But his claim on human stem cell research remained in effect, in principle. We were not allowed to mess around with live humans, with altering our DNA and RNA through chimeric and programmable mRNA - stuff like that.

    Until COVID-19 scared everybody into it. Now people are fighting to become guinea pigs for the new "vaccine".

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    the surreal actualized

    We move further into the patent description to find this is about the programming of nanoparticles:

    Name:  MODERNA #10709779 reprogrammable NAVs.jpg
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    Nucleic Acid Vaccine.

    So I am brushing up for the Antenna Wars! Who owns the Van Allen Belt?

    Answer: David Merrill.

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    The quantum mechanics is wonderful when emulated through the digital frequency domain:

    Name:  BNC 685 Arbitrary Waveform Generator specs.jpg
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    Name:  BNC 685 Arbitrary Waveform Generator (2).jpg
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    Name:  BNC 685 Arbitrary Waveform Generator (1).jpg
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    It was through this parallel processing that I invented Artificial Intuition in early 2028.

    This sort of thing was the cat's pajamas way back when!

    Name:  signet lab labelled.JPG
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    Indeed this has been a great journey! From the singular raw data subtraction that cured the world of the SARS pandemic, to emulations of the right hemisphere.

    Nucleic Acid Vaccine
    Network Allocation Vector

    As I reprogram my Vector Network Analyzer like reprogrammable mRNA, tuning the Van Allen Belt. What happened is the 'hidden manna' at Hathor Temple - at El Sarabit on the Sinai Peninsula remained hidden because of one Jesus of Nazareth being advised to flee the King of Kings, PENDRAGON throne awaiting in Jerusalem, at the Council of Emmaus.

    The human tragedy that the hidden manna remained hidden, and then was destroyed in 1904, misled us into a metal gold based technology. True gold is manna - monatomic gold in white powder form. All those little microelectronic chips inside the cooled stacks within all those server farms and data silos composing the protocol unified Internet are speaking upon a synthetic pyramidal neuron myelin that recently graduated into the Hydrogel that stabilizes the reprogrammable mRNA in the NAVs. This keeps the chimera from being rejected - these synthetic electron transfer chains encoding the Human Experience, now streaming high energy Joules and feeding the instinct for survival of COVID-19 and subsequent strains.

    Not only did William Jefferson trade the Iridium rocket technology to China in return for the 1996 Reelection ($200M in campaign contributions), he put a five-year moratorium on human fetus stem cell research into law. He sold the Chinese a well-appreciated five-year jump on human gene engineering while leaving America to develop chimera. Like I showed herein, China is showing off its Zero-Death Rate daily.
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    P.S. Here are the numbers by population in the early AM MST:

    Name:  COVID-19 Report by Population 2 6 21 early AM.jpg
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    Build a brain - and they (MIT Grad Students) will come.

    Later in the afternoon MST as the daily reports accrue:

    Name:  COVID-19 Report by Population 2 6 21 late afternoon.jpg
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    This goes back nearly three decades. I brought it to the Sanhedrin's attention that CLINTON gained reelection by selling the Iridium rocket tech to China for a mere $200M campaign donation. But it was the 1997 moratorium on human fetal stem cell DNA research that put the Chinese into a critical mass for national unity. Look four and a half minutes in:

    "We need to mature mRNA"

    Like I pointed out above we are speaking about chimeric (mixed animal and human) and reprogrammable mRNA. Furthermore this mRNA is stabilized to stay permanently in the inoculated person with Hydrogel - so the RNA transcription trRNA can be rewritten for an indefinite period.

    The Chinese are obviously way ahead but reflect for a moment on what happened when We, as the inventor thought of utilizing the same stem cell DNA found in the oroxylum indicum (bat tree) antigens for an effective, pre-Patient Zero vaccine.

    Name:  Doc 15 Notice of US Patent #11,999,999_Page_57-1.jpg
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    Name:  Doc 15 Notice of US Patent #11,999,999_Page_26-1.jpg
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    You might not believe it, but if true this shows how volatile playing with the TRANSCRIPT (trRNA) can become, and very quickly!
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    But I must say, Bill would be having fewer people lining up for the "vaccine" if he told the truth:

    We used mouse RNA in this vaccine.

    Name:  Doc 15 Notice of US Patent #11,999,999_Page_09.jpg
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    Mice and Human Samples = chimeric.

    An example in my life is I know a police officer who suffered from throat cancer - his larynx. Using healthy human stem cell DNA to grow it back healthy was not legally available so the clinic used a pig's larynx and he is cancer free but his larynx is not a normal healthy larynx. - And it wont be until he reprograms it to be.

    So let's pretend that Bill gets his way and the entire human race accepts the vaccine. A single dose from a properly aligned harmonic antenna will be able to alter, reprogram the entire human transcript - our Story will have a much different ending. So all in all, this is the same thing I am doing with my vaccine. I thought of it twelve days before the closest competitor according to the US Patent and Trademark Office. I am using a natural and safe method that covers all mutations, emulating the same methodology that protects the bats that carried COVID-19 into the 5G intelligence where it learned our medical transcript from the Stream. I do in with non-intrusive inoculation and have a love-based transmission utility delivering it.

    This decides who will be culled. As you see, I am all for depopulation, as we will see - so is Bill.

    Name:  Doc 15 Notice of US Patent #11,999,999_Page_27.jpg
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    So I found it rather amusing coming from the Health Ranger:

    Name:  Health Ranger Alert Reminder mRNA deadly - 5 year lifespan.jpg
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    The broad institute

    For a better comprehension you just poke around in the brand new patent out of MIT.

    Name:  MIT BROAD INSTITUTE Programmable Targeting Sequences App #20210024655.jpg
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    Name:  MIT Broad Institute Rosetta Transcription.jpg
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    Name:  MIT Broad Institute federally sponsored.jpg
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    Name:  MIT Broad Institute Artificial Sequence Synthetic.jpg
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    You can't make this stuff up!

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    Equals MODERNA.

    Name:  MODERNA #10709779 Chimeric Polynucleotides.jpg
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    The transition metal blow in from the asteroid belt, sparking life in the ancient Crater, the Dead Sea and subsequently the Yucatan and even Arizona.


    I laughed when I saw how many species have been broken down for integration:

    Name:  MODERNA US Patent #10709779 pages_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  MODERNA US Patent #10709779 pages_Page_2.jpg
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    In response to the Health Ranger.

    I Am Legend Opening Scene

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    Network Allocation Vector

    As Above is Below we correlate the neuropeptide with the digital domain. Hydrogel is synthetic myelin. Artificial Intelligence emulates plasticity.

    The attachments on this post skip a lot of CODE. Remember "wild" means for the most part [VELOCIMMUNE] "mouse". A rather amusing correlation considering mine has no tail - it is a Bluetooth mouse.

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    I love it when professional photographers visit Castle Church - Bishop Castle.

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