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Thread: vaccine for COVID-19 natural and safe

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    morphogenic history

    In the opening post I said:

    The morphogenetic field is most powerful in China where national unity has been Walled for a thousand years. This is a variation of the Ebner Effect.
    And as time progresses we use my raw data subtraction (gene sequencing) to reveal the Ark(s) were generating RNA excretions way back when. These resulted in large coronavirus. The Invisible Rainbow - The History of Electricity and Life tells a more recent history of virus and electromagnetic radiation coherence.

    Name:  historical map of coronavirus COVID.jpg
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    In summary, every time we generate new electrical radiation technology a virus is collaterally created by the damaged DNA in the people near the generator.

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    signal refinement

    I compose the scenario fully in the Application.

    Remember this is not an application for a patent; this is application of my 2003 invention that was patented through the Documents Disclosure program. All the actual patent does is designate an inventor (me) to a description of an invention. It says on the sticker - THIS IS NOT A PATENT APPLICATION. Look at the images in the opening posts of this thread. My current patent US #10,999,999 verifies the USPTO will not honor my Micro Entity (no previous patent) status (1/2 price fee). The attorneys there know I already have the patent on gene sequencing as we know it.

    My point is a bit more toward methodology or modality.

    Name:  Doc 15 COVID-19 Vaccine with Proof of Service_Page_07.jpg
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    Dr BHAKTI clarifies for us that the spike protein is free in the blood, like the Dr trio reveals (8 Min Mark), cleaving from the express gene and the Japanese CONFIDENTIAL Pfizer report shows that the injection flows directly into the blood. Dr BHAKTI describes the adherence (entry) of the spikes into the circulatory system walls like a "tapestry". The veins and arteries are lined with different cells and compose a wonderful Mosaic - art that composes a major part of the endocrine system.

    Additionally the lipid particles demonstrate a distinct migration to the bone marrow. Another integral part of the immune system where the blood is produced complete with fighter cells and sentry systems. Part of this is presented by Dr BHAKTI - as two-fold:

    1. the spikes will form, protruding into the vessel from the walls
    2. that transformation produces waste products that target the cell for destruction

    The Key - to comprehend where I am going - is that the spike protein has a certain protein scaffolding that is of a certain length, 440 nM and that has a resonant frequency and harmonics.

    Name:  Doc 15 COVID-19 Vaccine with Proof of Service_Page_08.jpg
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    Threat neutralization of the COVID-19 virus is simple and straightforward. Where I am going is localized and targeted destabilization of insurgent or undesirable neighborhoods as the leukemia sets in. One can already see how the stupid and gullible are already weakened and disabled, calling in sick and running through doctors and tests unreported. They are not much threat other than attrition of the healthy who care for them, working double shifts even, compensating for their absence.

    But should they rise up a cell tower resonant frequency encoded with specifics can activate degeneration or inflammation of thrombolytic stroke and hematoma. As these spike protrude into the blood vessels they disrupt platelets and deplete immune response by exhaustion while the genome restructure in the bone marrow multiplies mitosis x2, x4, x8, x16...

    Name:  Doc 15 COVID-19 Vaccine with Proof of Service_Page_09.jpg
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    Here I clarify modality for configuring the Waggle, to disrupt the virus. However we now have the NAV - nucleic acid vaccine - that is a vector or adenovirus with the spike protein temporarily attached.

    ORGANISM: Artificial Sequence

    Name:  Doc 15 COVID-19 Vaccine with Proof of Service_Page_10.jpg
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    The Culling is already underway. A clue is Unlikes and shutting down comments.

    A suitor on brain trust:

    "I hope you can appreciate how the brain trust is feeding my search engine so that I grab this stuff before it is scrubbed. And I have alerted you to a different kind of scrubbing. While we find plenty of testimony by people who would strip and give everything if they could only go back to that NAV injection and choose not to, we have doctors who have taken the NAV and are now covering up Adverse Events. I mean really! How can a doctor possibly assure anybody that mRNA is safe for the baby when there has not passed enough time to see?"

    You can see from the number of dislikes on the video and the comment section being turned off that people are not buying what she has to say. At this point it's pretty clear that any doctors who go against the mainstream narrative they will be harassed and probably lose their job.

    Any doctors that openly supports these shots or interviews someone like Fauci on their channel have an agenda. This doctor is no different.

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    Table 33 references P39 of the Safety Protocol

    Both the Japanese distribution report and this EMA release are CONFIDENTIAL. This means you should download it to your disk in case you find yourself trying to convince others.

    Name:  EMA Report pages 1 104_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  EMA Report COVID risk Table 33 re P39 Safety Protocol.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Adverse Effects figures

    I think this EMA Report is difficult to find. I believe from my online experience that Dr BHAKTI deserves credit for EMA putting this briefly online.

    Name:  EMA Report pages 1 104_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  EMA Report pages 1 104_Page_2.jpg
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    Probing Sisterhood

    Here are two files and I gave a small bottle to a Sisterhood leader. Some of these good matrices are succumbing to peer pressure and inoculating the NAV.

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    CDC Adds Over 2000 Deaths Associated with COVID-19 Shots/One Week 917 Unborn Babies

    You can't make this stuff up.

    I am rusty at Excel but think what I am looking at is the Report figures for this week, 7/2/21 were posted to generate the Article attached. CDC VAERS 2000 Adverse Events Abortions Report.pdf Then that week was taken down. But if you are good at generating graphs on Excel then check that. It may be talking about the week ending 7/2/21. Of course I feel badgering UKRI was the reason for the sudden increase in transparency from CDC:

    From: David Merrill
    Sent: Thursday, July 8, 2021 11:46 AM
    To: <>
    Subject: Culling right on track

    Depopulation of the ignorant, stupid and gullible is going very well. I noticed Natalie is promoting the NAV is safe for pregnant and WOCBP in spite of Page 39 of the Safety Protocol referred to in Table 33 of the EMA risk assessment. All the while she is speaking about Dr Byram BRIDLE's Japanese report showing that the lipid nanoparticles go throughout the bloodstream and target the ovaries and bone marrow. That in itself is an interesting admission - coming from a doctor. She admits that the mRNA goes straight for the ovaries and in the same breath says that is safe?

    Thank you for getting the fuck out of my way!
    But like Dr BHAKTI and EMA, the transparency was brief. Life ventilating a release valve.

    Interestingly the herd immunity is a two-edged sword. The Delta-Variant symptoms are actually the adverse effects of the NAV! Look at how an 11-year old girl died with her family, including the dog without being herself inoculated. - Attached.

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    Here are some helpful resources if your employer or school is pressuring you to take the NAV.

    In my town more than half of us have refused the "vaccine"
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    COVID-19 Isolated

    I read a PM from a user here and there might be confusion about whether COVID-19 has been isolated or not. Mostly due to a court case in Canada being popularized emotionally. From the link.

    SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was isolated in the laboratory and is available for research by the scientific and medical community.
    Interestingly, the moment I began showing this photo around ExpressCells took it down. Not the product. But the photo as a promotional advertisement.

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    Here is the video:

    This video leads us to think that COVID has never been isolated. Listen carefully because this key will unlock a lot for the reader about variants:

    Variant is a catch word for Adverse Events.

    I have been tracking searches on VAERS. It is the variants that cannot be isolated. In most cases I am sure, the variants will not even show up on a COVID test because they are just adverse effects. People are certain they feel very sick and they were healthy before. Now they are sick.

    Further edification:

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    Safe Neurotoxin?

    I had to admire the insanity for a moment.

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    Read the first sentence of the Abstract!


    Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant.
    Read that in light of this article I have been spouting for some time. Remember that article is at the beginning of this video.

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