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Thread: vaccine for COVID-19 natural and safe

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    I have been waiting for this.

    Read the first sentence of the Abstract!

    Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant.
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    Copied from the meme stock thread

    Quote Originally Posted by joseph3r View Post
    "The pieces of a puzzle rarely reveal the entire image until they are assembled". I've been told that when too many coincidences happen in a short amount of time they weren't coincidences but a plan. Too many things have happened and are happening in a short amount of time. Early this morning I caught an article on Yahoo that was removed soon after about Wuhan scientists wanting to release corona virus in bat caves to inoculate them and it was titled:

    "Wuhan scientists planned to release coronavirus particles into cave bats, leaked papers reveal".

    I'm not going to dive into it it's just another piece to the puzzle. So we have the pandemic, the national debt approaching 29T, the stock market and world economy on the verge of collapse, "inflation", insurrections and civil discourse, the slow degradation and collapse of society, extreme weather and environmental changes, climate change?? I'm a nut job when I say the word "depopulation".
    Convergence unequivocal. So many things that I only keep one or two on the tip of my conscious mind at any moment.

    Refer back to the Opening Post - the photo about my vaccine.

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    Not just aluminum either there are other metals being used as binding agents in so many consumer products that gradually builds up in our bodies. And the rate of autism and Alzheimer's continues to rise. I wouldn't dismiss the toxicity of heavy metals accumulating in our bodies in relation to the increase of disease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joseph3r View Post
    Not just aluminum either there are other metals being used as binding agents in so many consumer products that gradually builds up in our bodies. And the rate of autism and Alzheimer's continues to rise. I wouldn't dismiss the toxicity of heavy metals accumulating in our bodies in relation to the increase of disease.
    I engage a combination of potassium iodide, boron complex, asperin and niacin. Five days, then take the weekends off with lots of Berkey water. Chi Kung works wonders for the endocrine system. Love is the best medicine.

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    Senator Ron JOHNSON distracts from The Culling

    See instinctual loyalty to the survival of the species?

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    Play this Video. Sen Ron JOHNSON No FDA Approval for any NAV in US full.mp4

    That video will relate to these links - download pdf.



    In summary, the hospitals are furnaces of holocaust. Victims of adverse effects go in through the doors but go out through the county and hospital crematorium smokestacks. Treated with remdesivir and declared false brand COVID victim, one has a slim chance of avoiding becoming the statistic.

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    Pick any age category. The number of COVID victims not vaccinated is under half. Most COVID victims are inoculated. But the "vaccine" does help curb COVID infections. So this means that people with all those failed blood symptoms are victims of the NAV!

    In the song linked up top - bad blood is the stone. Actualized as blood clotting in the atrium.

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    P.S. ICAN has provided a great evidence trail. Posted most recent first:
    and more.

    I have attached the Fact Sheet. But there is a more recent Fact Sheet possible if you want to identify yourself a health care professional or not.


    The vaccine includes the following ingredients: mRNA, lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose.
    We find in the second most recent link, as listed above,

    Upon licensure of the Pfizer vaccine, the FDA authorized a fact sheet to be given to the public, which includes a list of ingredients in the vaccine. Amazingly, this list doesn’t mention a secret ingredient. What is the secret ingredient? Nobody knows other than Pfizer and the FDA. In the technical documentation that is not intended for general public distribution, the FDA disclosed that this secret ingredient constitutes about 22% of the undiluted vial (0.45 mL of 2 mL) but completely redacted the name of the secret ingredient.
    The most recent link, as listed above reveals that Pfizer, when put to FOIA revealed finally that the secret ingredient is water? Why not say that in the first place?

    Table 2 reveals the main ingredient is mRNA spike glycoprotein.
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    Continued from the post above...

    My geopolitical social machinery is China buying up the infrastructure among the useless eaters. Have you seen all the building going down? My vaccine as well as Regeneron's monoclonal antibiotics were set aside for the lucrative Big Pharma. The mandated treatment is FAUCI - remdesivir, renal failure flooding of the lungs.

    "Are you building today?"
    "I thought you were building today?"
    "I am a geopolitical social engineer."
    "What's that mean?"
    "I am building tomorrow."

    This explains all the ships stalled out in American ports, unable to unload. We have nothing to pack the crates to send back to China. They do not want money just to fill empty crates and send more stuff to a weed-people. We will scratch and dent the nice new stuff in the ports. What is money?

    China already owns enough infrastructure they only want English teachers. I probed and immediately found over 200 job offers and not a one was I required to know Mandarin or Cantonese. I guess they don't even want me learning Chinese - just go over there and speak English so they can learn the nuances - slang and accent. They are training into the infrastructure for after the Culling is mopped up.

    The secret ingredient of the NAV is water? (Refer to the post above.)

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    Since the registration seals the ingredients on COMIRNATY only this means that the NAV in use EUA in America can still be remixed with different ingredients. However the FDA is promising:

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    So according to the ingredients found, and COMIRNATY ingredients the superconductive camouflage composes 22% of the ingredients of the NAV administered in the USA, into which an unknown amount of razor blades, hydrogel and bizarre biologicals swim. But then, anything could be legally hidden in the interdimensional charge compression because it is not really there until it is already in the body of the victim. If it is not really there, then it is okay.
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    Enlightening Paper

    While reading this paper I lost track of the subject matter - COVID-19 and began thinking NAV, for Spike Protein. As there are 40 trillion mRNA of Spike Protein in any one injection of the NAV. So when I arrived at the last sentence:

    This conclusion suggests that vaccination-generated antibody and/or exogenous antibody against S protein not only protects the host from SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but also inhibits S protein-imposed endothelial injury.
    I thought, What? How can I have read the entire paper incorrectly?

    The paper is talking about spike protein on the COVID-19 virus. While I had transferred the subject to all that spike protein in the NAV inoculations. So the last sentence is true for my vaccine, natural, nonintrusive and safe. Not for the NAV - which is loaded with spike proteins.

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    Interesting how we are conditioned to think along certain avenues. Most people reading the paper will think it means to go get "vaccinated" as it is good for your heart while inoculating with the NAV is filling your entire circulatory system with spike proteins, that are very bad for the heart.

    The mental juxtaposition seems intentional and now I am suspicious of the American Heart Association too. At first I thought the AHA intentionally changed the last sentence of the paper! But then I put the NAV back in scope, and looked at the paper about COVID-19 and mRNA of the Spike Protein, in perspective.

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    Can you see what I mean about contradictory? The mRNA of Spike Proteins is definitely bad for you but they say that the vaccine, which is filled with mRNA of Spike Proteins is good. One really does not get a break these days!

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    Dr Sucharit BHAKDI reveals three papers

    This is a revealing video about the endocrine system timing. I have attached one of the papers and YouTube seems agreeable with Dr Mobeen SYED because he disagrees conditionally with Dr BHAKDI.

    What is nice, is to uncover a recent confirmation that the remdesivir is still mandated protocol for ICU "COVID" victims. The Culling progresses very nicely. If you pick it up where linked, you will discover also a solid confirmation that it is not the virus killing people, it is the severe inflammation caused by the trillions of mRNA spike proteins in the bloodstream.

    T-cells are actually responding to all this viral debris and that's what is causing this profound inflammatory response. It's truly interesting and truly astonishing. So its not actually the virus which is killing the host or killing the lung. And we know this from autopsy studies, there's very little direct philopathic effect.
    It is absolutely critical you start your steroids on Day 8, Listen Here. If you start remdesivir after the onset of lung distress, you almost certainly drown the victim.

    The secret to staying on YouTube is not to bash the NAV. The BEEN describes my morning tea, in small part.
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    I am hoping this works as well as YouTube, that by the way would delete it:

    If not, copy and paste please.

    I am certain that Dr Carrie MADEJ is extremely busy and hope she finds time to read the email I have been trying to get to her.

    I sent the following to Dr Carrie MADEJ;

    I will begin here with the video links:

    Hello Dr MADEJ;
    Thank you for sharing your discovery. I think you might enjoy this broadcast.

    From: David Merrill []
    Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 3:06 AM
    To: 125 suitors
    Subject: Why you pay me.

    Greetings Suitors;

    This next part will require some assembly on my part. Mainly because you will be referencing things you already believe in to understand the components that are unbelievable.

    Dr Carrie MADEJ saw the aluminum Delivery System unfold from interdimensional charge compression and it frightened her so much, she cried like a little child. An unnamed Dr from Russia seems to have gone into a disassociated stupor - affiliating science with science fiction horror, and mocking a classical mad scientist, now searching for eggs - rather than the unfoldment from Q where the temperature chain of the vaccine camouflages the Delivery System for distribution.

    So I am going to get started by showing you the discovery by two independent doctors, who both saw the "being" emerge from the clear NAV fluid, when exposed to temperature change and white light. It is key to understand this is a property of superconductivity - that the aluminum Delivery System was in the NAV all along, being concealed from view by the temperature chain.

    The explanation may become incomprehensible where I integrate my Doped Carbon 60 Nanoparticle Pump in the scene. I literally have distributed, over many months, large amounts of transition metallofullerenes into my third ventricle - the center of my brain. Where the now superconductive cerebrospinal fluid generates a coherent Meissner Field resonant with the cosmic orchestrations and divine symphony - washing both my pineal gland and pituitary gland and balancing the brain waves between my left and right hemispheres - lateralus. I noticed this in the patent description drawings of the Distribution System attached.

    At least here you might start to believe that the transition metallofullerenes have indeed adhered perfectly with the DNA in my cerebrospinal fluid, in my third ventricle. So I can stretch plasticity for you to comprehend that a sequence of DNA is a tale, within the human Story.

    Name:  Carbon 60 measurements DNA double helix with Tale 142.jpg
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    For now, you might accept on my word that these transition metals correspond to the endocrine system. In other words as we crystallize (sputter) perfectly gold for example, the pattern will be disrupted to the untrained eye, exactly where the activation sequences occur in the DNA. [The Exodus Story - instead of all the ORMEs at Sarabit, Moses (Senusret III) only required gold ORME to raise the army of supersoldiers. Jethro, the high vulcan at Mt Horeb fabricated the manna there in Arabia.] Therefore the complex waveform of the "creature" or "The Thing" can be synthesized from aluminum.

    Like this:

    Name:  Russian Dr Delivery System MIT.jpg
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    Name:  aluminum nerve overlay.png
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    Name:  Russian Dr describes antenna dimensions.jpg
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    The length of the antenna leads to the resonant frequency, leading to the carrier of the signet.
    Here I overlay a Dr Carrie MADEJ photo of "The Thing" on a nerve cell, just so you get the gist of Delivery System as this "creature" is aluminum, a fine antenna.

    Name:  aluminum nerve overlay 5.png
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    The aluminum antenna distributes the up or down-regulation directly into the nervous system of the host.

    Now you can comprehend how sequences of DNA can be shut on and off - as I am demonstrating in Final Judgment. In the FJ I use a sequence for up-regulating retroviruses, which as a bioweapon would activate HIV, herpes and shingles - possibly all at once to degrade and exhaust the host (victim of the NAV) immune system.
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    What about the doomed?

    I read a PM today from a User here, concerned about people who have received the NAV. My reading today from Dr Carrie MADEJ leads me to believe she is a woman who believes in an all-powerful God, and I know this deity very well. I digested charismatic rapture eschatology thoroughly from the North Gate of Colorado Springs. Then I parsed out the Messianic Jewish movement, that I had created in Colorado Springs in the Greater Seattle area too. With that introduction I think building on the above post might be constructive.

    In 2003 I patented modern genome sequencing. I will pull some pics from the dashboard here - just to show you how this can be possible. I often show the oscilloscope on Page 1 - Eradication of SARS:

    Page 4 is interesting at this moment:

    Name:  default 4.jpg
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    Page 4 shows my Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Here is the post.

    Within two weeks of publication through the Colorado Supreme Court China was announcing plans to patent the genome for SARS. I sent them the Return - proving I already had the patent on this simple but inspiring quantum supercomputer. I had also been discussing the raw data subtraction technique with a sales engineer at Berkeley Nucleonics, and clearly recall how he clammed up when he realized what I was on to.

    Berkeley Nucleonics has spent a lot of time and research into building a wonderful ARB/AWG assembly for my GOOGLE/ALPHABIT Inc acquisition.

    Since the Bill of Exchange of 9/11/01 through all the geopolitical social engineering right up to the 10/11/21 20-year seal of the corporate charter 9/11/21 we have been able to see this coming. Depopulation.

    Whereas I feel Dr Carrie MADEJ is severely deluded to think that God will somehow intervene I recall it is scripture, if you want to interpret the English literally. There are two ways this can go - carefully parsing out the Book of Revelation. There can be a thousand-year Great Tribulation where the LORD's Chosen will be pulled aside to watch from the bleachers - kind of a sad tragedy for entertainment if you ask me. Or this can be shortened. Like I have been showing you, the enzymes that clean out the blood can be disabled, simulating complete renal failure.

    Now that I have the antenna length calculating the resonant harmonics for up and down-regulating a dozen fatal down-regulations are on the tip of my signal generators. I have the trigger on my finger. Yesterday I awoke wondering if The Thing might be able to grow? You know, like popping out of the host's chest or mouth, hungry to feed on more humans. So the entire culling is right there, ready to go.

    Dr Carrie and friends are headed to Colorado Springs to present the truth about the NAV. And with the teratogenicity - that the NAV has destroyed the wombs of every inoculated woman and more with all the shedding of menstrual maladies, I believe the depopulation is secured at a good, healthy level should the entire NAV inoculum cease tomorrow. Just give the dead matrix twenty years to see what I am saying.

    The question in the PM was also, is it really possible to clean out the mRNA once it has been rewriting the host DNA? The only way would be to destroy all the cells lining the circulatory system, heart and brain included. And that is just a terrific cytokine storm in itself because the mRNA has been inside them reproducing. So when the killer cells attack any one cell, they release a new storm of mRNA spike proteins into the blood. The endocrine system with its hematopoietic (red bone cells) magic will become quickly exhausted. Additionally the rat studies by Pfizer in Japan show the lipid nanoparticles migrate straight for the bones as well as the ovaries. Plus the heart injury and magnetism to the red blood cells clumping them together - hypoxia.

    We see it now, with the flu shot holding the same aluminum adjuvant and I hear, newly added graphene oxide. I met somebody out sick, rubbing their shoulder sore from that additional agitation. Picture carbon 60 the spark of life - with graphene oxide the spark of synthetic life.

    Therefore the quick trigger through the Van Allen Belt is the only humane way to execute The Culling. Put humanity down for the sake of Spaceship Earth. The NAV has already doomed humanity - the depopulation is already executed.

    But I do not see any point in dashing the hope that God will intervene.

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