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Thread: vaccine for COVID-19 natural and safe

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    utilizing sweep

    My latest is to tickle the capsid, to create a living signal to the protein geometry that it is safely inside a host cell. The capsid operates as a Faraday cage muffling the Rife signet so now I can convince the capsid to disassemble, exposing the RNA.

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    There are both pentagonal and hexagonal geometries in the capsid's protiens. So as I get further into the math I will refine the tickle.

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    You may have caught on that the US CDC has stolen my invention of 2003. There is reference to a pending patent a couple weeks prior but that cannot be viewed. At the time the US and China were competing for genome patent rights and so I get it. When I informed China I already had a Document Disclosure protection in place the US of course knew. Thanks to the race for protein-specific genome this is now a precision science. Resource management comes naturally.

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    For Strategic Intelligence

    Anybody from Strategic Intelligence? Thank you for reading this far!

    We might as well utilize the 5G phone while it is on the table.

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