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Thread: Pete HENDRICKSON's Lost Horizons - Solutions?

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    The answer abounds:

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    I have a perpetual inheritance in the Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions Granted to Patroons but that would make me special. Being special builds ego and that would destroy it... Get it?

    The King be You!

    Jesus said it eloquently - He who will lay down his life lives forever. Miyamoto Musashi demonstrated it well, a rogue Samurai with 65 confirmed victories and he died a natural death. Dead Leaves they called it. Musashi thought himself dead already.
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    This was just posted at Freedomwatch...

    BrainySmurf76 commented · December 20, 2014 9:58 AM ·

    Wish I had the FRN's or Lawful Money of a trucker in Oklahoma, an electrician in Iowa and a crane man in North Carolina. But I'm just one man. Cont'd
    Not changing teams or anything but that Jay Adkisson fella is handsome. Now who is this Famspear you keep yapping about?
    On page 12 to page 13 you'll see you're a mess.
    I believe the founder of, Jay Adkisson, has just admitted he is the following personas, which I've suspected for quite awhile now:
    "trucker in Oklahoma" = BrainySmurf76
    "electrician in Iowa" = jesse james
    "crane man in North Carolina" = craneman3355

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    Pete HENDRICKSON closed his national forum today with this message:

    This was brought to our attention over at Freedom Watch by our former user "jesse james."

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    The Government Doesn't Agree

    The Government Doesn't Agree. News story

    Brady Ness's testimony,

    Tim Kendrick's testimony,

    Kennard Van Camp Testifies,

    As a judge wrote Doreen testimony, Doreen refused to sign the judges own essay and they throw Pete's wife in jail.

    And Brian Harriss's Testimonial Video

    Coupled with "Lawful Money" its a "Honest" and " Lawful" situation.
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    "And if I could I surely would Stand on the rock that Moses stood"

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