Hello All,

Recently I have had success eradicating parasites from my body, not even knowing if that was the problem I was faced with. It has been quite the journey and probably the reason why I discovered all the inconsistencies in the world today relating to big pharma, banking, and control of the food supply. It would be weird to say I'm almost grateful for this experience because it has facilitated an awakening of some sort. However "woo-woo" that sounds.

Due to the nature of going to the doctor, in Canada, I was basically on my own if a drug could not fix my issue. I was buying countless supplements and experimenting on my body through trial and error. Symptoms of anemia, fatigue, food intolerance I never had before, bloating, gas, brain fog and all sorts of symptoms associated with all kinds of different ailments. I had tried juicing celery, colloidal silver, store bought bone broth fasts up to 72 hours, elimination diets, steady workouts, and eating organic. Nothing seemed to be actually working or sustainable.

Finally I came across a holistic Dr. (https://drjessmd.com/) that focused on the root cause of disease. She focuses on mold, stealth viral infections, parasites, and heavy metals. I am fairly healthy so process of elimination out of those 4, the parasites would be the most likely cause of illness. I read a posted about parasites and parasite cleanses. I was basically on my last leg not knowing what to do next so I thought it was worth a shot. This pointed me to the 2 holistic practitioners on this website (https://microbeformulas.com/collections/products) and the Mimosa Pudica Seed supplement. I decided to buy the full moon kit. As apparently parasites have a life cycle relating to the full moon. These supplement paired with a coffee enema a day for 30 days produced results of 3+ parasites of 12"-24" in length exiting my body over the course of the last 2 weeks of the 30 day period. However horrifying that may sound I am almost in disbelief that I had found something that worked. A solution.

I think everyone on this website is looking to get parasites off of they're back in one sense or another. Whether it be banking, health, or spirituality.

Just thought I would share this information, because it helped me immensely.

For the skeptics.. Beware, this could be internet voodoo. Better research for yourself.