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Thread: Revisiting the TWEA Omission

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    Revisiting the TWEA Omission

    I have been using Cornell's law website for a long time and recently this seems much clearer:

    I enjoy how this makes it clear that these "emergencies" are for the member banks (endorsers of the Fed's private credit).

    Name:  Title 12 USC 95 TWEA_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  Title 12 USC 95 TWEA_Page_2.jpg
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    Name:  Title 12 USC 95a & 95b TWEA omitted.jpg
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    Having the Trading with the Enemy Act omitted from the Bankers' CODE clears a lot of clutter about remedy.

    All on one neat page:

    Name:  Title 12 U S C  411.jpg
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