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Thread: Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021?

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    If there is anything to that, there will be some heartburn I am sure of it.
    I should be clear what I mean by heartburn. I am speaking about the pentagram cut sherry topaz mounted in my pendant. The esophagus is a most ancient mark of kings.

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    I have noticed that the belly scales on the dragon (serpent) number 72 as in the 72-Fold Name of God.

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    ha, and? the reset has been a scam since inception. I have been hearing about this reset since circa 2009 approx. it was a scam then and is a scam now (and I hate calling things scams). The entire debt relief thing is designed to give legitimacy to debt that is not domestically enforceable while forging a more direct relationship as entire aspects of our economy get gutted (like medium and small banks that no longer bank by definition will not be needed nor able to stay relevant) it is just a trick to get Basel III compliance in nations where individual liberties are the order of the day. thus they should rework and be glad we do not stand on our right to use cash as money en masse instead of financing instruments to use as cash lol. [pls forgive the word salad approach to coversating.]
    I cannot disagree.

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    Basel III Federal Register.pdf
    BASEL III Frank Dodd Act interagency.pdf

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    What a delightful walk down Memory Lane!

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    I like describing the people as stones. We gather. Mostly for the moment how much went into the foundation. How busy I have been preparing for the Great Reset Summit.

    It is the record that forms authority in "court of record".

    Be well everybody. This is going to be good!
    David Merrill.
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