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Thread: The New Strain

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    The New Strain

    This new rendition is a little larger, with a lower harmonic.

    Notice the second harmonic at 5.033 GHz.

    Name:  inoculation 12 29 2020 second phase conjugation dimple.png
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    Perhaps it is easier to see in this view.

    Name:  inoculation 12 29 2020 second dimple waterfall.png
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    This was the rigging.

    Name:  inoculation 12 29 2020 second dimple.jpg
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    Lately of course I am using the Colorado antenna.

    Name:  Dome from below.jpg
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    The lower frequency indicates the retaliation cancellation is coming from a larger capsid.

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    The Waggle engineered to tickle the capsid and fool it into disassembling to reveal the COVID-19 RNA needs no adjustment on the sweep generator. Albeit I might center it at 5.033 GHz from the 5.048 GHz to see if there are any surprises.

    Since I was exactly correct to use the 130 nm diameter capsid for the triangle length of 80 nm the new phase conjugation dimple calculates to be the length of 80.2415 nm long.

    So the true resonant frequency in living tissue is 1.31937 PHz, or 18 octaves down, 5.033 GHz on my hand held signal generator.

    I do not need to make any adjustment in my sweep for proper Waggle! - To tickle the capsid on the new strain.

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