Whether a vaccine should be viewed as a naturally occurring substance, rather than a product of human engineering, may depend on the details of the individual inoculation. If long ago the vaccines were quite simple, today they contain live or dead cells from the pathogen itself, or even genetically modified versions of the virus or bacteria. Some rely on one or more proteins from the pathogen, or a part of a protein that’s sufficient to trigger an immune response by producing antibodies.

The flu vaccine, which has to be made anew every year, involves months of work by highly trained scientists. It’s a stretch to describe modern vaccines as naturally occurring, even if parts of them are. The vaccine though, to be effective and safe, must undergo trough several tests, and needs lot of time to be developed. Furthermore, it is only useful to prevent the spread of the disease, while for people already infected does not help. For this reason, in the case of the new corona virus, the virus itself must be studied and isolated and at the moment a cure is highly desirable more than a vaccine. Get vaccinated not cured