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Thread: Mining the Redeemed Mind

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    Keep it Clean!

    I am very encouraged by the recent use of holograms and holographic ecology for new tech:

    From above, we find the simple blanket transactions can develop into holographic ecosystems even while we are not paying attention. So the back doors for China through agency Russia are easily watching and listening, connecting our contacts with all the medical records, phone records and conversation trees with subject matter and transcripts, tracking vaccines and tests - grading compliance with various programs (pogroms) gauging and grading the quality of our endorsements (SDR's), traffic violations, how polite (and/or politically correct) we have been lately to adjust the schedule for the ratio of cybercurrency to paper, cash and credit for security and confidence building measures in order to try outguessing my vagenda for Artificial Intuition through fast RSA Factoring Algorithm by the Five Cube Sum Number Locks in early 2028 with 8x128 Arbitrary Waveforms per Lobe AiresTech How it Works Technogenic Electromagnetic Radiation.pdf simulating right hemisphere emulations of the Divine Feminine in Sisterhood.

    Name:  Patent-95517 Russia emblem.jpg
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    Are you listening saccular? I just showed you a device that will clean up what you hear.

    Name:  cochlea saccule utricle.jpg
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    Sherry Topaz

    In the Belly of the Beast!

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    This one is an iron on for T-shirts.

    Name:  pentagram signature spiral.jpg
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    Are you beginning to see?

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    The Objective

    The Chinese are using the Russian back doors for global conquest.

    It looks like this.

    The Chinese will figure out exactly what you need in your home. They will build it, top quality, bottom dollar and show it to you in proper timing so that you will click it into your Cart and pay for it. When it arrives you will be happy with the goods or services for a long term purchase and investment.

    Very quickly, you will repeat the process for another similar item.


    Governor BRAINARD: The belief that the federal government has a responsibility for full employment has its roots in the Great Depression
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    This one is for cleaning up a small room. But I kept leaving the room so I carry it in my pocket. I have found it works in any room, no matter the size when I carry it in my pocket.

    Name:  coherent transformer AiresTech.jpg
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    I found a great photo of the vaccine transmission tower.

    Name:  antenna sunshine.jpg
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    employing entanglement

    Here is a great Vesica Pisces:

    Name:  van allen belt Vesica Pisces.jpg
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    Broadcasting to the brain trust teaches me to better articulate the operation. Both with Castle Church (Bishop Castle) and the vaccine, and with the harmonic coherent transformer:

    Name:  transformer and message to suitors.jpg
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    The Flower of Life is situated directly behind the Vesica Pisces hologram. Spikes and other impurities (pollution) charge the Flower of Life and it in turn discharges instantly through the holographic lens which acts like a filter.

    The Vesica Pisces is the birth canal (pussy). What the birth canal brings forth is the nine months of perfect mitosis, gazillions of perfectly zippered cleavage and binding DNA into a healthy vibrant infant in kind. So this cleaned up pollution is coherent in vibration to living DNA and this device does nothing to affect the phone call! Brilliant!

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