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Thread: Mining the Redeemed Mind

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    developmental evolution

    The ancient tribes would never waste productive nutrition by burial or cremation. Retirement was an honorable celebration of life and "eat of my flesh" ingestion of genome back into the tribe. The circuitry of the myelin was placed carefully into the future of the people. The qubit and quantum processor through gold nanofibers, even monofibers develops the synthesis around our instincts for survival.

    I am pleased to have directed a senior bank president's attention to this thread; and therefore dedicate this writing Witching Hour to the new development.

    Gold has always been about communication. Shiny is nothing more than parable. Puzzling Stability of Monatomic Gold Wire.pdf. Therefore SDR's replaced gold in synthetic scripture and commercial priestcraft. YHWH (Jethro - the High Vulcan) organized the coherent Meissner Field among the campaigning Israelites to clean up Canaan of the Hebrew bandits (see the Amarna Letters). It was the skeletal human growth hormone 6-carboxytetrahydropterin (Lucy Hormone) that enabled NEPHALIM (Giants) with expanded brain pans the genius to command the forgotten tech. If the northern brain trust (Mt Herman) had been allowed to flourish in competition with Jerusalem, two Golden Calf Arcs in operation - well, we would probably not need to cull the stupid and gullible for the future of Spaceship Earth.

    The attack is upon the matrix - notice the abomination that maketh desolate imminent in WOCBP (women of childbearing potential). The teratogenicity datum was avoided like the plague - pun intended.

    The Little Shop of Horrors goes further to poor live animals being butchered, screaming fear into the other animals being butchered live in the kitchens of elite diners under the Wuhan 5G rollout.

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    Continued from above.

    After effect of eating raw adrenaline.

    It makes very interesting comedy in the proper hands. A virus tagging the information stream intelligence from the global medical conferences and learning how to target Type II Pneumocytes though, the sheer will to survive manifesting in the COVID-19 developmental psychology produces a nightmare scenario beyond the best sci fi I have ever seen!

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    Can you imagine then, the sensation when I disconnected the antenna from my spectrum analyzer and the data stream at 5G stayed? It is being generated through the cell towers and repeaters in 5G Rollout, but is propagated through the Van Allen Belt. Fortunately Jim anticipated the tech and built a filter:

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    It is the stones, representing the adventure and love felt by the people - Love drives all engines.

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    I keep finding White Rose's Machine attractive:

    I am not sure but I do not recall the purpose of the Machine was ever disclosed. By the White Rose suicide scene I imagine that the purpose was elevation of humanity. Elliot delays salvage from nuclear meltdown by choosing escape from a nasty dungeon game, leaving his friend behind. Then he solves the problem by staying in the dungeon with his friend.

    "Don't make me laugh!" White Rose to the accusation she is the evildoer.

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    How Mind Functions

    According to the Army in 1983, declassified in 2007.

    A while after this Army research John TALBOT published The Holographic Universe. By reading that with The Dancing Wu Li Masters, I progressed greatly in my understanding of everything.
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    Due to the Culling some geopolitical social engineering is underway. Sorry this means that often StSC is being knocked offline. Please remember to try back later.

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    This is what I am talking about.

    For the most part people planting genome into Blockchain will be inoculated with the NAV. Transfected. While those on the Van Allen Belt will be unpolluted.

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    The world's more prolific writer of love songs is now transhuman. The contrast of which I speak will be like cancer in the cyberspace. Especially when in light of the Castle Church broadcast.

    Good luck getting that out, Paul.

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