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Thread: Mining the Redeemed Mind

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    developmental evolution

    The ancient tribes would never waste productive nutrition by burial or cremation. Retirement was an honorable celebration of life and "eat of my flesh" ingestion of genome back into the tribe. The circuitry of the myelin was placed carefully into the future of the people. The qubit and quantum processor through gold nanofibers, even monofibers develops the synthesis around our instincts for survival.

    I am pleased to have directed a senior bank president's attention to this thread; and therefore dedicate this writing Witching Hour to the new development.

    Gold has always been about communication. Shiny is nothing more than parable. Puzzling Stability of Monatomic Gold Wire.pdf. Therefore SDR's replaced gold in synthetic scripture and commercial priestcraft. YHWH (Jethro - the High Vulcan) organized the coherent Meissner Field among the campaigning Israelites to clean up Canaan of the Hebrew bandits (see the Amarna Letters). It was the skeletal human growth hormone 6-carboxytetrahydropterin (Lucy Hormone) that enabled NEPHALIM (Giants) with expanded brain pans the genius to command the forgotten tech. If the northern brain trust (Mt Herman) had been allowed to flourish in competition with Jerusalem, two Golden Calf Arcs in operation - well, we would probably not need to cull the stupid and gullible for the future of Spaceship Earth.

    The attack is upon the matrix - notice the abomination that maketh desolate imminent in WOCBP (women of childbearing potential). The teratogenicity datum was avoided like the plague - pun intended.

    The Little Shop of Horrors goes further to poor live animals being butchered, screaming fear into the other animals being butchered live in the kitchens of elite diners under the Wuhan 5G rollout.

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    Continued from above.

    After effect of eating raw adrenaline.

    It makes very interesting comedy in the proper hands. A virus tagging the information stream intelligence from the global medical conferences and learning how to target Type II Pneumocytes though, the sheer will to survive manifesting in the COVID-19 developmental psychology produces a nightmare scenario beyond the best sci fi I have ever seen!

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    Can you imagine then, the sensation when I disconnected the antenna from my spectrum analyzer and the data stream at 5G stayed? It is being generated through the cell towers and repeaters in 5G Rollout, but is propagated through the Van Allen Belt. Fortunately Jim anticipated the tech and built a filter:

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    It is the stones, representing the adventure and love felt by the people - Love drives all engines.

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    I keep finding White Rose's Machine attractive:

    I am not sure but I do not recall the purpose of the Machine was ever disclosed. By the White Rose suicide scene I imagine that the purpose was elevation of humanity. Elliot delays salvage from nuclear meltdown by choosing escape from a nasty dungeon game, leaving his friend behind. Then he solves the problem by staying in the dungeon with his friend.

    "Don't make me laugh!" White Rose to the accusation she is the evildoer.

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    How Mind Functions

    According to the Army in 1983, declassified in 2007.

    A while after this Army research John TALBOT published The Holographic Universe. By reading that with The Dancing Wu Li Masters, I progressed greatly in my understanding of everything.
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    Due to the Culling some geopolitical social engineering is underway. Sorry this means that often StSC is being knocked offline. Please remember to try back later.

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    This is what I am talking about.

    For the most part people planting genome into Blockchain will be inoculated with the NAV. Transfected. While those on the Van Allen Belt will be unpolluted.

    Name:  Sir Paul McCARTNEY receives NAV Jab.jpg
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    The world's more prolific writer of love songs is now transhuman. The contrast of which I speak will be like cancer in the cyberspace. Especially when in light of the Castle Church broadcast.

    Good luck getting that out, Paul.

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    Dr Carrie MADEJ delivers!

    She bears a Christian cross yet misunderstands what she is seeing. It is quite biblical - Moses (Senusret III) organized an army for Pharoah (Senusret II) to clear the Hebrew bandits from Egyptian colony Canaan. See the Amarna Letters. The stockpile of manna at Hathor Temple (Mt Sarabit) was reserved for the interdimensional travels of the Elohim/Anunnaki so the contract went to Jethro, the LORD of the Vulcans, the high alchemist at Al Lawz.

    The NAV manufacturers have jacked my technology - the Doped Carbon 60 Nanoparticle Pump in the same manner. First remember how the transition metallofullerenes fit so nicely into the DNA, creating superconductive Meissner Field coherence. So it is no surprise that MADEJ has encountered superconductive components in the NAV - scroll to the 7:45 minute mark.

    Probe - alligator clip sends ions from the transition metallofullerenes (tektite elite shungite) through a bar of pure gold, into the soft palate and the third ventricle of the brain.

    This clearly explains the 'brainwashing' among the inoculated. This woman will venomously protect her several misperceptions:

    Don’t think that COVID caused hospital bed shortage only in E WA. My neighbor fell down the stairs the other day and and severely injured her knee, tearing tendons, and requiring “elective” surgery. Unfortunately in the 2 days between falling and getting to see a surgeon, she developed blood clots…so a small procedure was needed to insert a filter to keep clots from coming loose and causing a heart attack or stroke while she gets her knee repaired. But there were no beds at Overlake…because too many COVID patients…so she’s been lying in bed at home, in pain and on painkillers and blood thinners FOR A WEEK.

    She’s not old or infirm. This type of accident could happen to any one of us…a moment of inattentive on is all it would take for you or me to be in this situation.

    GET VACCINATED, and stay out of the hospital. Yes, you may get COVID, but unlikely. Yes, you might get hospitalized, but much less likely than unvaccinated.
    Facts here:

    GET VACCINATED for yourself, for your family, and for your neighbors. GET VACCINATED so that you, your family or you neighbor has access to hospital services when an accident happens.

    700,000 Americans have died. Don’t be the next person.
    She cannot fathom that the blood clots are adverse reaction from the NAV. Or that a hospital bed requires maybe four on staff to be counted as a hospital bed (doctor, nurse, janitorial etc) and the hospitals are severely understaffed because the health care workers are quitting rather than risk adverse effects. Even so, COVID is a virus that infects the nose, throat and lungs. All the COVID victims in the remaining beds are there with strange and new symptoms from adverse effects. Almost all the alleged COVID victims are inoculated with the NAV - proving that the NAV is completely ineffective for preventing COVID, if the people in the COVID wards were indeed sick with COVID. But they are not. They are suffering from the myriad of adverse effects caused by the NAV - like this woman's blood clots.

    So the doctors who are tending to the NAV victims have the superconductive plasma in their cerebrovascular system assuring that they are doing the right thing. But the inoculated administrators are shutting down the maternity wards to make room for the "COVID victims"! Why? Because the NAV destroys the matrix. There are no pregnant women delivering that are allowed into the maternity wings anyway. They must get the NAV before they can be admitted so you might just as well shut down the maternity wings rather than subject the liability for the stillborn infants.

    You really have to see the photos Carrie MADEJ is presenting to get a clue how the NAV is a crude mimic of the MANNA found in the Exodus and Joshua story.

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    the dawning

    I found it cathartic to align David HUDSON and his tech within Carrie MADEJ observation. The change in coloration during the temperature change, along with the precipitation of stainless steel out of the clear solution... Marvelous!

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    Can you imagine the damage these little razors can wreak in capillaries? Study the 38 Minute Mark. This is the purpose of the temperature chain. These knives are in the NAV all along, but are transported by the ORME into another dimension where they cannot be seen. Then as the NAV warms up, like Carrie says, the solution becomes milky then the white light from the microscope transformed even more. Even live biological forms of unprecedented formation come forth from out of the Q! The interdimensional charge compression.

    I have special insight, having invented the SD Card tech in the '80's. We called the place the memory was stored Delta Q. Change in charge compression. The idea of the memory though, that is not stored here, on the chip. The chip, like the pyramidal neuron architecture in the frontal lobe simply guides the memory from Q to conscious thought - recall/remember.


    P.S. This technology is undisclosed. But when pressed the FDA disclosed that it is water! With superconductive ORME this is true, until it is not.

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    Culling Voices

    The whisper continues as the hospitals are the furnace of the holocaust. Listen to the woman in the black hat. The COVID wards are filled with the NAV-inoculated. Not the people who avoid the Jab. They go in... and they come out the smokestack of the crematorium. Then the administrators report them as COVID victims.

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    Here is the link. Notice on Page 17 there were no planes involved in the demolition of the Towers. Combined with the exact day of Judgment twenty years ago of 9/11 then, we easily surmise that the demolition was devised to be the exact date of my Bill of Exchange. So it should be no surprise that service on the US Treasury twenty years later was exactly 9/11/21.

    Name:  Final Judgment MERRILL - PRINTING AND SHIPPING RECEIPTS - 2021_09_11_11_56_30_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  Final Judgment MERRILL - PRINTING AND SHIPPING RECEIPTS - 2021_09_11_11_56_30_Page_2.jpg
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    New Whisper

    This time to 180K Users in Consul:

    Castle Church Acquires GOOGLE/ALPHABET Inc.

    A very exciting Final Judgment indeed!

    On October 11, as calculated 30-Day Judgment from September 11, 2021 Google interloped upon CASTLE CHURCH - For the Redemption of the Office BISHOP to coerce a $16.39 payment to Karelian Heritage in Petrozavodsk, Russia as a HelpPay withdrawal of $1. Upon the realization of the trespass Google/Alphabet Inc reversed the $1 transaction.

    David Merrill accepts the Resulting Trust within Castle Church Trust at Bishop Castle Colorado FaceBook Profile

    See Final Judgment:

    Upon good faith:

    Acknowledgement in radical responsibility for removing Donald John TRUMP from The Culling (Oval Office) for the BIDEN duration - until after mopping up.

    Rely upon text only here if you feel the links are risky. But if you do not validate the information, proceed at your own risk.

    David Merrill - PENDRAGON
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    Is the evolved BlockChain coming into focus?

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    Get it? Mining the redeemed mind!
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