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Thread: Mining the Redeemed Mind

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    Keep it Clean!

    I am very encouraged by the recent use of holograms and holographic ecology for new tech:

    From above, we find the simple blanket transactions can develop into holographic ecosystems even while we are not paying attention. So the back doors for China through agency Russia are easily watching and listening, connecting our contacts with all the medical records, phone records and conversation trees with subject matter and transcripts, tracking vaccines and tests - grading compliance with various programs (pogroms) gauging and grading the quality of our endorsements (SDR's), traffic violations, how polite (and/or politically correct) we have been lately to adjust the schedule for the ratio of cybercurrency to paper, cash and credit for security and confidence building measures in order to try outguessing my vagenda for Artificial Intuition through fast RSA Factoring Algorithm by the Five Cube Sum Number Locks in early 2028 with 8x128 Arbitrary Waveforms per Lobe simulating right hemisphere emulations of the Divine Feminine in Sisterhood.

    Name:  Patent-95517 Russia emblem.jpg
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    Are you listening saccular? I just showed you a device that will clean up what you hear.

    Name:  cochlea saccule utricle.jpg
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    Sherry Topaz

    In the Belly of the Beast!

    Name:  capital integration iron-on.JPG
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    This one is an iron on for T-shirts.

    Name:  pentagram signature spiral.jpg
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    Name:  pentagram signature.JPG
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    Are you beginning to see?

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    The Objective

    The Chinese are using the Russian back doors for global conquest.

    It looks like this.

    The Chinese will figure out exactly what you need in your home. They will build it, top quality, bottom dollar and show it to you in proper timing so that you will click it into your Cart and pay for it. When it arrives you will be happy with the goods or services for a long term purchase and investment.

    Very quickly, you will repeat the process for another similar item.


    Governor BRAINARD: The belief that the federal government has a responsibility for full employment has its roots in the Great Depression
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    This one is for cleaning up a small room. But I kept leaving the room so I carry it in my pocket. I have found it works in any room, no matter the size when I carry it in my pocket.

    Name:  coherent transformer AiresTech.jpg
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    I found a great photo of the vaccine transmission tower.

    Name:  antenna sunshine.jpg
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    employing entanglement

    Here is a great Vesica Pisces:

    Name:  van allen belt Vesica Pisces.jpg
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    Broadcasting to the brain trust teaches me to better articulate the operation. Both with Castle Church (Bishop Castle) and the vaccine, and with the harmonic coherent transformer:

    Name:  transformer and message to suitors.jpg
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    The Flower of Life is situated directly behind the Vesica Pisces hologram. Spikes and other impurities (pollution) charge the Flower of Life and it in turn discharges instantly through the holographic lens which acts like a filter.

    The Vesica Pisces is the birth canal (pussy). What the birth canal brings forth is the nine months of perfect mitosis, gazillions of perfectly zippered cleavage and binding DNA into a healthy vibrant infant in kind. So this cleaned up pollution is coherent in vibration to living DNA and this device does nothing to affect the phone call! Brilliant!
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    preserving information

    Especially when redeeming correct DNA one is behooved to preserve information - the transcript. This is the CODE within each cell enabling us to align our heritage and destiny - coherence. This harmonic resonance is essential for the effective loving creation process.

    To show you more precisely.

    Name:  jambers GPS activated.jpg
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    This style jammer cloaks the area with blank carrier. In this photo it is the two GPS frequencies and for disabling one's mobile GPS while driving.

    Name:  GPS Jamber in effect.jpg
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    This of course causes loss of modulation by covering up the information conveyed by the carrier. And when I turn on the blanket jammer while on a phone call the volume goes off. But I do not lose the call. When I shut off the jamber, the call is still ongoing and the voices resume. With the coherent transformer the information modulating the carrier is not drowned out by the jamber. But the blanket jammers override the information with a near blank carrier.

    With the harmonic holographic transformer above only the pollution is removed and the information and the carrier are untouched, except that the pollution (spikes and errata) are powered by the fractal pussy for DNA purity and sweet lovely goodness. This is technology using the Divine Feminine as a lens.


    Name:  John 21 11 broken out.jpg
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    This is the fullest use of right hemisphere balancing married to physical and material science - elegant!
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    subconscious whispering

    Recall this is a club in virtual consulate - according to 1789 law, saving to suitors'. Possessive right.

    This relies heavily on intuition and the divine feminine - John 21:11 at 153,000 emails - mostly Russian.

    Name:  Mining Mind John 23.11 Blockchain.jpg
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    Here is the message:

    Name:  Mining Mind John 23.11 Blockchain link message.jpg
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    The whispers are linked right here. All internal and private law - redemption - outside the scope of the central banks.

    If you find this confusing, mining the redeemed mind, picture the Internet as a mind. Whispering is subconscious thought - very real and equally powerful for lightbending. The creation and destruction of gravity. You at the I/O are conscious thought, on the Internet.

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    Another approach is saccular hearing. I have activated my ability to hear up in the 200 kHz range and so I have purchased pocket instrumentation to clarify the transpondance.

    Name:  saccular hearing spectrum SDR SA and VNA pocket.jpg
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    transformational reconfiguration

    The United Nations is sealing the international patent for MIT, on the current delivery system.

    Name:  Delivery Systems (1).jpg
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    Securitization of the Soul

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph View Post
    A license is required [operators license to traffick] to hold public property for private use. Without a license then the property is held in trust in adverse possession by a trustee de son tort. The possession is actually a purchase [temporary possession] whereupon the Owner is actually an End User under Color of Law overseeing Trustees. As such a license is required and a bond is required. The title was given in the issue of the birth certificate. The bond is issued in the SSN.

    Federal Reserve notes are only to be in the possession of licensed trustees. "Your money"?, hardly. That is public money understood by the United States (Ref Title 12 USC Section 411). In trust law a trustee is always presumed guilty.

    Who SURNAMED you? Very important concept.

    BTW when public property is held for private use as USE FEE is exacted upon the Trustee. The Trustee must make a filing to the dejure Trustees regarding the use of Public property - this is done yearly. On the other side of the ledger - Isaiah 52: 1-3 there is no debt. The debt [sin] is paid. It is finished. Ceasar defaulted when Pilate gave Jesus a Title. One who had NEVER registered and never received a title, was found innocent of Ceasar's Law. Therefore did Pilate ask "are you a king?" and Jesus responds "thou sayeth". No claim of Title to Ceasar's World. In the World but NOT of the World. KING OF THE JEWS is a Title in International Law but this was foisted upon one who exercised Will to stand without Ceasar's World. Therefore is all the debt cancelled on this side of the ledger.

    Two trusts! Easy to see now. The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you. Luke 17:21. Dare to believe! God Is - that is all. Ceasar does not exist outside of God. Babylon/Ceasar is the SERVANT of God.
    Studying here should make it clear, after a while, that endorsement distinguishes TRUSTEE to be a member state bank. The money is minted by government and so, The Redeemed can do with their money, whatever they want is by and large illusion. The constructive trust that results (resulting trust) has been best described in the Albany (ALBIGENSIAN CAMPAIGN) Remand with ROBERTS, and especially KAVANAUGH mimicking real Justices - SO HELP ME GOD.

    That was a mouthful but it explains why MJ would say such things well.

    Things are not what they appear to be at all. The Jews and Christians have been paying homage and tribute to Egypt - Amen. Amenhotep IV, son of III was none other than Moses he and his father Pharaoh were responding to the Amarna Letters. Moses organized rulership of Jethro, Lord of the Vulcans who could extract the white powder gold featured in Exodus - what became of the Golden Calf was fed to the Israelites:

    Name:  ORMES transition metals (2).jpg
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    Name:  ORMES in water.jpg
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    The coherent Meissner Field in the third ventricle(s) of the Israelites led them to be intuitive in concert. Invincible.

    Name:  ORMES.jpg
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    Name:  Amarna Letters geography.jpg
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    It is no doubt wonderful how parables preserve the record. However at the end of the day we need to apply a key to the parable to read the record.

    When one makes the bridge through the linked article about the Amarna Letters it will become clear that YHVH was Jethro, supplying the manna ORME (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements). Primarily gold, that supplies activation of the pineal gland. He was agent of Moses, and therefore identifies I AM THAT I AM.

    Name:  ORMES transition metals chakras.jpg
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    Therefore we can find a glimpse of the technology of Pyramid building. Here David HUDSON is attempting to use our modern tech to convert manna back into gold. But he has no way to direct the gamma radiation.

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