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Thread: Discharge for value

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    Discharge for value

    Citibank can't get back $500 million it wired by mistake, judge ruled.

    An exception to the rule
    The law usually punishes those who spend money accidentally deposited in their accounts. Accidental transfers are common in the digital age, and wires can be paid back instantly. A Pennsylvania couple faced felony charges after spending money accidentally deposited in their account.

    But New York law has exceptions to this rule, known as the "discharge-for-value-defense."

    If the beneficiary is entitled to the money and did not know it was accidentally wired, they can keep it. Revlon lenders said they believed Citibank was wiring prepayments for a loan. After all, the money accidentally wired was the exact amount "to the penny" Citibank owed them, although the loan wasn't set to mature for quite some time.
    Interesting article. Comments welcome. I surmise this case will be reversed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shikamaru View Post
    Interesting article. Comments welcome. I surmise this case will be refersed.
    Is it true you're required to introduce a typo in every post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Don't worry, Convert EMF to compatible form Russian Patent #2312384.pdf.

    Name:  Lifetune Holographic Equalizer.jpg
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    Name:  Patent-95517 Russia emblem.jpg
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    Name:  QRMA on Elite Shungite 2.jpg
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    P.S. Notice the sticky patch over the camera, and the shunt plug in the microphone. Deaf and blind, they are!
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    Russia is China's Puppet

    The Creator owns it. All the server farms and data silos are signaling on tiny nanowires of metal gold. China did that. I was there in the heyday etching wafers at Honeywell SSED (Solid State Electronics Division).

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    Don't worry.

    I got this.

    It is Russian. So is shungite. Notice that the quantum resonance analysis is performed on a kilo of shungite. The blue bag, that too is filled with elite shungite. It is a tektite steamed by the asteroid belt.

    Name:  doped carbon 60 nanoparticle pump.jpg
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    P.S. See for yourself!

    Notice how the holograms are powered by the 5G noise, captured in divine and sacred geometry.

    In an interview with reporters, a number of experts, scholars, and company executives said that compared with traditional chips, the new generation of high-end chips as new infrastructure computing engines, such as 5G, AI, and intelligent computing, belong to a new track and need to build a new ecosystem.
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