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Kinda ominous, but thanks for the response. I thought redeeming in lawful money was made out to be easy but I'm not getting a clear answer here in this thread unless there's more to it than I thought.

If I go to my bank and request this and there's "resistance" then what is "Plan B"?

Again, I don't want to dance around the subject. I like simple instructions. I'm not expecting everything to be understood by myself overnight (or in a week, like I tried) but from everything I heard about lawful money elsewhere, it can't be as complicated as what I'm taking from this entire thread so far - unless other sources of information that lead me here for answers have been overly simplified. I don't need anything verbose. Just practical application to put into use by myself.

Thanks. I'm always willing to learn more over time if that's what it takes, whenever that may be.

As you have found out, nobody is going to hold your hand or serve redemption to you on a platter.

Redemption is in between YOUR ears.......make it your own & OWN IT

You have 6 1/2 months to learn what you must do, then all of 2022 to put it into practice before filing in spring of 2023

I will point you to a 104 page thread on another forum which has much good information. Besides other posters, an "Anonymous Coward" by the user number 71408469 is none other than Martin Earl. Martin Earl OWNS it, and practices DEFENDING it without effort......as should you.

Learn some things and come back here to ask more pointed question so YOU MAY OWN IT ALSO !!