I just came across this article about Pauline Bauer, and without looking too deeply into it, it is obvious that she didn't bother to really learn about sovereignty and is another victim of the "sovereign citizen" bullshit.

No one who grasps what it means to be a sovereign, or better stated a 'co-sovereign', would have shown up at our Capital with the intentions of depriving someone (even a public servant) of their Right to a Trial, secured by the Constitution.

“Bring Nancy Pelosi out here right now,” Bauer can be heard saying on body-camera footage from inside the Capitol Rotunda, according to prosecutors. “We want to hang that f—ing b—-.”
I feel this is worth a bit of discussion due to how diligent so many here have been in learning about the fullness of our Rights, Powers and Duties and showing others real ways people can defend themselves against over reaching by public servants.

Presuming her standing as one of the People, not appearance in the public office of Citizen, she is either one of the people who delegated sovereign powers & duties to the Officers and Employees of the United States of America and several States, OR, she is a foreign sovereign.

Either way, she doesn't have a right to hang Our public servants over allegations of Treason.

Here are the filings with the Grand Jury from the prosecutor, I don't have any of her filings: