I am so blessed not to be required to file a return. However, that leaves me with little direct experience.

I put it out on the brain trust and this seems a very quick way to receive your withholdings. Thank you unnamed suitor:

Greetings Suitors (125 suitors; $2,500 Lesson Plan);

The W-2 and 1099 forms are coming along in the mail.

I am blessed and lacking in that I have never had to file. So I lack experience. Can one of you please explain how to disassociate the TurboTax 1040 from the algorithm? And also, how to attach the evidence of redemption - the redeemed checks and/or signature card?

Thank you,
David Merrill.
A quick reply from one of the suitors:

Hello David,

Here is how I do it:

1. Never had a problem with TT algorithms
2. Enter info like there is no redemption (using wizards)
3. Use View/Forms to apply reduction on schedule 1
4. mail return via USPS certified and attach all the evidence