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Thread: The Libel of Review

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    common law counterclaim in admiralty - this to me is very confusing. So how can we do a common law counter claim against a statutory complaint in Admiralty and once we move to Admiralty how then do we come back to common law?

    this is really very hard to understand.
    The Libel of Review is a fluff history lesson wrapped around the first Refusal for Cause. It sets a new suitor up as a court of record. I have seen docket reports with over fifty Refusals for Cause spanning over ten years some times.

    P.S. And thanks for bumping this thread. Those links are long dead. I have refreshed them with attachments.

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    P.S. The United States Postal Service became process server for the Post Office under NIXON, while instating the SDR system, in the Amendments to the Bretton Woods Agreements:

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    This photo explains it better:

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    In other words, the Libel of Review is simply a question about the authority - The Author. Who authors law? The Truth? Or deception?

    This is an interesting question while moving to New Zealand - remedy is global; we all know it. Men and women are bestowed with a dignity and inherent chance to live without all the violence. The Trading with the Enemy Act was implemented apparently after a murder and then a verbal consultation, where FDR probably neglects to say that the new AG probably "verbally" advised it was illegal, and implemented his "war" anyway - or maybe just that the new AG replacing the one who "died suddenly" advised it was legal, upon the threat of being murdered...

    Where do you want to be?
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