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Thread: SUBTERFUGE: What happens with the "Note"

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    Lightbulb SUBTERFUGE: What happens with the "Note"

    1. Know who you are
    2. Know who has the burden of proof
    3. NEVER argue
    4. Document and/or know your remedy

    I'll give you legal advice, as long as it's not illegal advice...

    I'm sure you think your religion is the only way to heaven, but I just can't buy it right now...

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    Mortgage discharge ?

    that link's not working. Maybe the "Domain Expiration" went unnoticed.

    In light of the fact the bank was paid from the get-go, when I signed the note, I'm exploring options for getting out of mortgage debt slavery, with honor. The strategies I've seen include "Produce the Note" and "Refusal for Cause" but someone told me about a "payoff/setoff" discharge strategy. I'm awaiting more details but it sounds like you request a total payoff figure from the bank, then you (or someone) creates an instrument (closed account?) that's $50 shy of the total, mails it to bank, and then you payoff the remaining $50 with a cashiers check.

    Has anyone done this? I'm in Massachusetts if it matters.
    Thank You,

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