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Thread: No Income Tax paid - 3 years and counting.

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    Doug555 and JohnnyCash (and all others),

    Wanted to mention that I redeemed my check today with the 'all transactions' verbiage handwritten on the front of the check and the deposit slip. Teller looked hard at it but ignored it (thankfully). Didn't want to have to get into it with her, but 'just for tax purposes' appears to be a simple response. Of course that might spark more speculation, but so be it. I plan to file Affidavit upon seeing the entry posted in my bank statement. I'm still mad as hell for my 'empty' Demand Letter recorded 2 years ago at the County Recorder's office. I'd probably get refunds for 2013 and 2014 but better safe than sorry. However, starting next year I can start recouping the HUGE amount of 6702 penalties I paid for TY 2008 for repeatedly trying to fight that battle. I was punished, really, like many others. And I feel so cheated for all these years of not knowing I could RILM, but I'm very grateful for the opportunity going forward.

    Thanks to you guys, David and all other suitors for this education!



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    Quick question


    Do you think you can message me privately? I have a couple questions I'd like to ask. Thanks!

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