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    On one hand consider that merely writing/signing under the legal entity could be construed to be accommodation party for it. However, nonetheless, even so they would still have to specifically refer to the accommodation party by name, no? I'd tend to prefer "John Henry for the parties" or "John Henry, as Secured Party" or the like and simply administer the estate competently without being the estate. If they set out to force you to be the estate its federal felony.

    Forgery in fact. Thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Forgery in fact. Thanks!!
    You go it! Forgery, involuntary servitude, conspiracy against rights, manstealing/kidnapping, fraud. And if their reports are falsified its a crime to for them to enter false records into federal computers.
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    I and others have signed their driver license only, "Without Prejudice". I stopped utilizing it before I had been stopped but others have had their license handed back to them with, "Have a nice day!" and others have had their matter out right dismissed in court because of the indorsement. "Under Duress" is just as effective. Search, UCC 1-308.

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