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Thread: IRS forms a Lien against the American Taxpayer for $14.3T

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    IRS forms a Lien against the American Taxpayer for $14.3T

    Note that the amount is in the negative - (credit/arrears).

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    Listen to the end. When I contacted the proper office Page 3 above, the fellow paused and then became upset with me like something on the screen alarmed him.
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    heh. Not very helpful were they. OK, who can translate for the layman? The UCC3 appears to be adding a Debtor, Comptroller of Maryland, with BofA (Bank of America) as trustee. What's with the named trust E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? As I see it, the 4 named debtors owe America $14.3 trillion. Which is a nice amount . . . . . for starters.
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    Yep. Looks like someone owes America $14.3T. Perhaps the U.S. Social Security Administration is somehow tied to the Comptroller of the State of Maryland.
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    Yeah this sure is a tangled web to weave for understanding, let me make some observations here;
    All property is owned by the state, this is why the Comptroller of Maryland is named, but the business who is licensed with the state to do business is the entity holding residence/tenancy at that location. We know banks are part of the FRS so that is why they are named in debtor side.

    The secured party having a lien interest is the U.S. Department of Treasury/IRS, so technically speaking here all that is happening is the IRS put a agricultural lien on Bank of America and all of it's assets, security withholding e.t.c. So nothing new here about IRS foreclosing on a tenant with a security interests elsewhere.

    Another thing I wanted to point out here is the Military Occupation noted, their address is listed both in debtor side and secured party side;
    1400 DEFENSE PENTAGON, WASHINGTON, DC 20301 - 1400

    I did a corporate search on and I could not find any NORTH AMERICAN POWER AND WATER ALLIANCE, however wikipedia did turn up some information on them:

    I do not know about any of you, but it seems like the military wants that location awfully bad, big project plans possibly.


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    Thanks for that additional information/observation.

    So far I seem to be the only one observing that the number is in brackets with a minus sign following. This is saying that the taxpayer owes the Treasury $14.3T and has quit paying up. I will go into it further tomorrow because that jumped right out at me for the timing. This will take some tricky composition to explain in a post or two so I will throw some items at you now, and catch up tomorrow after some more investigation. For those who do not know me, I believe in the metaphysics of law - that when the record is properly formed things happen beyond the power and authority of men, even properly seated and sworn-in justices.

    The date of the Amendment is August 12, the Eve of August 13, 2011 ten years after the BoE [proof of service] for all the debt in the world and exactly 30 days prior Judgment Day - September 11th, 2001. Last month, in hindsight that lien against the taxpayers was exactly what I was expecting to see. August 2nd was the day that Congress raised the Debt Ceiling and avoided Default so that should not have deteriorated the good faith and credit of America. Yet America took a hit anyway - same day, August 2nd. - Right in Robert E. BLACKBURN's face (exclusive original cognizance of the US).

    I knew something would be happening ten days later on August 12th/13th.

    Picture yourself a taxpayer. There is now a lien against you. That means that the Treasury gave up on the Income Tax for American sustainabilty of debt maintenance. That is a pretty significant statement and I reserve the right to revise that as more information comes in. Before lunch/chess I found out some things, and discovered how difficult researching the Notice of Lien might become.

    The first obstacle is that in Maryland, the Division of the Secretary of State does not exist as such. UCC filings are in a different Division as you read on the August 12th NoL. Maryland has its own Department of Assessments and taxation. My first call I was rudely in denial that the SoS could not access the NoL for me. They gave me a number for MDAT though, and listen carefully to the end of the audio to the guy there, Omar because I believe he pulled up the screen and was upset or alarmed. I deleted the pause so you may not really get it. Maybe I should have left the pause because he pulls it up and spent 30 seconds reading I believe. I got Steve at the SoS after that, still in denial and I put Omar's call after that; it should make sense as you listen; Click Here.

    A little later I found the exact number for UCC Filings with MDAT and got a similar reaction from the woman, who I had to practically threaten to fire to get a verification that the NoL even existed there! Click Here. Listen carefully. I never get a chance to inquire about, the old one. [3:25 Minute Mark.] It was on my mind when she offered that I could speak to her supervisor so I jumped on that offer, you can imagine why, only for her supervisor never to pick up.

    Here is the earlier rendition of the Lien - the August 12th rendition is an Amendment to it - reversing the charge upon the taxpayer as I see it. Of course the IRS being funded by the labor force of America - those subject to conditioning - SDR Certificate supporters who endorse private credit. The IRS is forming a lien against itself in the Amendment but I of course get to revise that interpretation as I learn. The way I see it though, people redeeming lawful money instead of endorsing private credit have undermined the sustainability of the debt currency system to the point where the Treasury liened itself for the national debt as of July 27th - $14.3T. [Can somebody find a link so we can find the national debt on any given day?]

    There is some kind of globalization "green" theme there that is a bit perplexing as I write. Look at the end. Thank you for looking into that for us Motla68.


    David Merrill.

    P.S. Thank you brain trust! Add this.

    Click Here.
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    "7f. JURISDICTION OF ORGANIZATION" is "The United States of America", not "United States of America" or "United States". Very interesting.

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    The first item threw up a ?. The trailling - was noticed. However, the amount being in brackets in some views makes it a negative number..and therefore an imaginary number thus in brackets (i.e. it doesn't exist(on the page or otherwise)). Lack of dollar sign smells of "international accounting units". But the 2nd...that has : DAVID-WYNN:-MILLER 'quantum language' written all over it--red flag.

    Also: (Brazillian?)

    "E pluribus unum" is a term that points to the origins of corporations...

    THE honor of originally inventing these political constitutions entirely belongs to the Romans. They were introduced, as Plutarch says, by Numa; who finding, upon his accession, the city torn to pieces by the two rival factions of Sabines, and Romans, thought it a prudent and politic measure, to subdivide these two into many smaller ones, by instituting separate societies of every manual trade and profession. They were afterwards much considered by the civil law,1 in which they were called universitates [universities], as forming one whole out of many individuals; or collegia [colleges], from being gathered together: they were adopted also by the canon law, for the maintenance of ecclesiastical discipline; and from them our spiritual corporations are derived. But our laws have considerably refined and improved upon the invention, according to the usual genius of the English nation: particularly with regard to sole corporations, consisting of one person only, of which the Roman lawyers had no notion; their maxim being that "tres faciunt collegium ."2 ["Three make a college."] Though they held, that if a corporation, originally consisting of three persons, be reduced to one, "si universitas ad unum redit " ["if the university be reduced to one"], it may still subsist as a corporation, "et stet nomen universitatis "3 ["and retain the name university"].
    Its entirely possible that someone other than the apparent secured party filed those papers. "14.3T" is the current U.S. "debt limit". Keep in mind that if the FRS winds up, it goes to the U.S. Treasury. Also, Bank of America is the 'bank of choice' for the Pan America Union (been around for a long long time--since around 1889) aka/ala Organization of American States. I'm just not seeing that an attorney would put "UNITED STATES DEPARTEMENT OF THE TREASURY 1789" especially when UCC filings with defective names are know to be super fatal to claims. Perhaps it might not matter so much with respect to a secured party. However, if someone wanted to be clever and create something similar enough to UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY..they could add a few digits after that. 1789 and the DAVID WYNN MILLER linguistics....hmmmmm.

    Keep in mind that the largest creditor to the United States just maybe holds its primary offices at Baltimore, Maryland. And on that topic, even if one does R4LM, the SSA still gets their cut (which isn't necessary a bad thing)--> alluding to the the strength and solvency of the SSA.
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    Many years ago I was trying to figure out David Wynn's technology and it seemed only to give me an intellectual headache. I believed the rumor that David is an extremely dyslexic individual and have dismissed him for the last fifteen years. But from what I know, the little that I know I believe you. I think the easiest way to apply my point in the opening Post:

    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Note that the amount is in the negative - (credit/arrears).

    Click Here.
    One has to simply read the opening lines of the 9/11/01 Waiver of Tort:

    It calls in all the debt. Debt is a negative expression of energy - wealth/energy.


    Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.

    All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?
    Answer: The heir apparent. Delivery Confirmation. Complaint against Deutsche Bank. (three links) Notice how I mentioned the original Charter for Freedoms and Exemptions Granted to Patroons on the Bill of Exchange.

    On the Bill of Exchange if you study it you will find the somewhat perplexing Zionism Cancellation Algorithm and if you listen to the News you find Zionism indeed being cancelled. By reading the Bible interpretation at the Mason Museum and Library we find that Zionism was never intended to be.

    Who is the Author of the Movement? Rabbi HERTZL.

    That is but one major outward expression of the same metaphysic.

    We find sixteen years after the 31-Government Shutdown (come Christmas "Vacation") we will have an amplified version of "All Non-Essential Personnel" staying home for a month unpaid.

    I am making it all complicated again just because I tend to show the evidence and timelines.

    My point is that the brackets, indicating a negative amount reverse the lien. Negative money is debt. The Treasury/IRS is accomodating my Bill of Exchange, on the Eve of August 13th, ten years after. Another way to look at the negative amount on the $14.3T lien is that the obligation is against the Secured Party - meaning the IRS, synonimous with the taxpayers still conditioned to endorse private credit. Paul invented the Roman Welfare State and his Letter - Romans 13 still enforces it.


    David Merrill.

    P.S. Another constructive trust is A-China-Ca.
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